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My Supervisor

Blog Supervisor

As you can see, my blog pictures and posts are all done under close supervision by Oscar. Because I reached for the camera and shifted back to take the picture, he is positioned a little farther from the laptop than he likes to sit while I work. While I am working, his preferred position is on the very edge of the laptop with his front paws on my forearm and his forehead leaning against my chin, completely blocking my view of the keyboard. Apparently he liked this shot because he walked across the keyboard and saved this shot to disk.


This is the picture Oscar took. The dress is from LIV-Glam and is a fabulous party gown that comes with a HUD allowing me to change it from silver to gold. It’s a perfect dress for us indecisive folks.
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Heat Rises


One of the blessings (curses) of living in an upper floor apartment is the simple law of physics that heat rises. What that means in practical terms is that my downstairs neighbor pays for heat and I get most of it. I don’t turn on the heat. Right now it is 48°F outside (9°C) and I have two windows open and the fan running and it’s 76° in here. I imagine my downstairs neighbor as a lizard cranking up the heat and basking by the heater, warming his cold blood. It is hard to imagine a warm-blooded creature needing that much heat.

Heat rises in fashion, too, and I think the heat is bringing some really great stuff to the top at faMESHEd. Take this fabulous bodycon dress from Pink Outfitters. It’s figure hugging as any bodycon dress should be and comes in rich, saturated colors such as this fabulous eggplant. It also comes with fitted belts in silver and white. I love the long sleeves and simple round neckline that makes it perfect for big statement jewelry. My only quibble is that while dancing, there is an occasional break on the back of the legs where the leg will come through the mesh in some movements. This doesn’t bother me since coming from the era of sculpties and system skirts, that is a minor glitch.

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Ruby – Week 30

I know… I’m pathetic when it comes to naming my posts… but, hey, at least you know what its for, right?  Ok, this week (well the week I’m on and I’m like 10 weeks behind) is Ruby.  And for Ruby I chose this gorgeously sexy dress from Plastik. Ruby
Its one of the few styles that I have the fat pack of and my oh my is this a FAT PACK…. love the colors… such a variety.

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Lucky I Ran Into You

posted by Gidge Uriza

One of the final acts of my favorite Woody Allen movie – HANNAH AND HER SISTERS – is called LUCKY I RAN INTO YOU. It’s about two people who’ve known each other and fall in love despite the past. Making friends can be like that too.

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It's a Dream

I had planned to shoot four of these gorgeous tops from Orage Creations but SL had other plans. It decided that despite all my plans, I would be a cloud for the day yesterday. Seriously, I tried clearing cache, restarting not just Second Life but also my computer and the SL, SL Beta, SnowGlobe, Kristens, Emerald and Emerald Beta viewers and despite it all, I stayed a cloud.  I finally resolved the issue about midnight, but I was not going to shoot photos that late, so I will have to be content with showing you just the gorgeous zebra Dream Top and let you check out the leopard, snake and fleur (b and white brocade) on your own.  The Orage Creations Main Store was closed for renovations this weekend, but the tops can be found at affiliates in Best of SL, Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia. For latest locations check Elettra Gausman’s profile


I shot this set at Third World – home of the Third World Bar and Third World Kino. It’s a beautiful sim with many tiny set pieces of surreality and beauty for you to enjoy.  To get a taste of the amazing scenes at Third World, take a look at the Flickriver stream of interesting photos shot there.

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The Long and the Short of It

Sonatta Morales is a genius at making gorgeous gowns that you can picture all the great divas wearing. When I am in her store looking at the clothing, I am seeing Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and Clara Bow – and the rest of the pantheon of glamor and talent. This *8* Jewel gown is certainly one of those fit for a diva – but unlike a RL gown, this one comes in long and short versions with a quick adding of a prim or three.

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A Twofer as Time Is Running Out

This is Nyte’n’Day’s lovely RFL Clothing Fair dress – worn with Alyssa Bijou’s Firenze jewelry set also for RFL I love the sleek and graceful dress but wish the jewelry came with instructions to turn off the sparkle. It’s not obnoxious bling, but I still wanted to turn it off so I could more fully enjoy the lovely sprays of diamonds.

This is Tres Beau’s incredible Amethyst gown for RFL Clothing Fair paired with Dahlinks Czarina set for RFL. The gown is amazing – and comes with two sets of prims – those with and without sparkle. I tossed the ones with sparkle because I know me and will never wear that, but the sparkle-free is just amazing!

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This outfit highlights two Accessory Fair participants, Ticky Tacky and Dahlinks – as well as the outstanding dress from Agnes Finney for the memorial fundraiser For the Love of McQueen.  I confess that the moment I saw the Agnes Finney Dress Mayur, I fell in love with it. In many ways, I even prefer her dress to the original McQueen dress that I think inspired it. I also think it is a beautiful illustration of the difference between inspiration and plagiarism.  You can see elements of the original within the Agnes Finney design, but reimagined in such a way that the new design is distinctive and completely divisible from the original.

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A Twenty-First Century Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks was a great silent film actress and model – in fact, I would be surprised if you have not seen pictures of her at one time or another – including many striking nudes. She was very much the iconic image of the flapper era with her short bob and long pearl necklaces and her dramatic, defined makeup. Dahlinks, in keeping with the Broadway theme of the Accessory Fair has produced the Louise Brooks jewelry set of necklace, earrings and cocktail ring. It is quintessentially Art Deco – bold and geometric. Nonetheless, despite its adherence to the era, I did not pair it with something vintage, instead imagining what Louise Brooks would wear if she were alive today.

I found the answer in my Baiastice 2009 folder – the bold assymetric, figure-hugging Black Plastik. She would not be wearing vintage, but would wear the avant-garde. She was bold in her wardrobe then and she would be bold now.

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Julie Marsden Didn't Have This Red Dress

In the classic Bette Davis film Jezebel, Davis’ character Julie Marsden shocks society by wearing a red dress to her debutante ball. Her hapless, weakling of a fiance dumps her at the end of the evening – lacking the guts to marry a woman who doesn’t conform. Incidentally, I don’t think that is how we are supposed to perceive their relationship, I think we are supposed to think she had it coming, the shameless hussy! However, when I saw the film my first thought was “you’re better off without that prig.” I often don’t think the way I am “supposed to” about films. Anyway, my idea is that if Julie Marsden has this red dress, Preston might have found some backbone and stayed engaged, they would have married, lived happily ever after and he never would have caught yellow fever – a fitting end for someone who dumps his girl because she wears a shocking dress.

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