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Why do I blog?


This is my favorite cycle of Collabor88 ever. While celebrating their 2nd anniversary, they are also celebrating the vibrant and daring fashions of the 1920s. While some designers stayed solidly in the era, others brought 1920’s sensibilities and details into 2013. Azure Electricteeth of Tee*fy gave us an updated, modern version of the 20s bringing the loose fit, the dropped waist and art deco details on the belt forward with a decidedly modern pair of separates.

Gidge sparked discussion the other day when she asked “Whyfor bloggest thou?” The general consensus is that people blog because they like it. That’s my reason for blogging, too. That’s also the obvious answer. Why would people spend hours on an unpaid hobby if they didn’t like it? However, I thought I might dig a little deeper and ask why I like it. Where are the rewards that make it worthwhile and pleasurable.
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Culture Kitsch


The theme for April’s Collabor88 is Kitsch. Well, Kitsch never had it so good. Normally, I use the word pejoratively, describing some tired gimcrack tchotchke. Don’t get me wrong. I have kitsch. Most of mine is Scandinavian folk art, but it’s still kitsch. The kitsch is in this outfit from ISON is the flying bird patter in the sheer bodice, but in such skillful hands, it’s kitsch as art.


The ISON dress can be worn with the long sleeves that I chose or as a sleeveless sheath. It comes in black, blue, green, gray, purple, red and tan and there is no reason you cannot mix the system layer bodices from one color with the mesh dress pieces of another – just to add more interest.

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A New Way to Deal with Tiled SL Screenshots


La Penderie de Nicole has a great dress for the With Love Hunt. It’s a lovely blue one-shoulder dress with an asymmetrical hem that ends in beautiful ruffle. I had a lot of fun shooting the pics for this post now that I can have shadows and projectors and even depth of field again. For some inexplicable reason, though, a few pictures tiled, a glitch that usually happens when you are shooting pictures with scrolling clouds. I loved this shot but it had one square tile, the one that is at the bottom of the right hand side. I could have cropped it out, but instead I decided to go with it and made a layer of semi-transparent tiles of the same size and then colored them and changed the layer blend to difference to get this tiled effect. It was a fun experiment and does not distract much from your enjoyment of the dress, I hope.

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A Nip in the Air


There’s a nip in the air today that asks for a big, comfy sweater. And you can find just the thing at Zenith for the With Love Hunt. This is a nice, tunic sweater with a beautiful snowflake pattern on the bottom. It also comes with a big woolen scarf to wrap around your neck that is edged with round puffballs of yard. The scarf even has a color change HUD to let you choose among the different colors in the sweater to coordinate. It’s not cold enough, though, to haul out the scarf today.

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Adore & Abhor


I always get a kick out of Adore & Abhor’s store name. It’s a clever euphonious riff on Love & Hate using assonance to make our ears smile. I am excited to see that Adore & Abhor are moving into mesh creation with this dress named Svelte, their first mesh dress that they developed for Cinema! the extravagant fashion showcase. The deep red with the contrasting darts is graphically bold and the cutaway bodice is sexy while holding everything in place.

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Autumn is the time for layers and layers of knits and wools and cuddling up warm and cozy or running through the woods kicking the leaves up into the air. The secret to comfort in the fall is layering so that you can take something off while in a heated room or in the heat of the sun and put it back on when the sun hides behind a cloud. In this outfit, I layered a cozy thermal knit top from Sakide with a short wool jacket from VoguE. I have that top in every color and only wish there were more colors of it – one of my favorite wardrobe basic of all time. The jacket is part of an outfit from Vogue that comes with pants, gloves, top, the works, but there’s no reason not to pull out the pieces to mix and match with something else. I blogged the jacket about a year ago with the gloves. It’s one of those striking pieces that work well with others.

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It’s Only FAIR


Purple Moon Meryl Gown in Red

I am wearing a gorgeous, sleek and sinuous gown from Purple Moon that I picked up a FAIR – the newest event from the Grande Dame of event-planning, Keira Seerose. After the massive and highly successful Vintage Fair, I swear I heard Keira say something about taking it easy and semi-retiring from event planning. However, the better you are at something, the harder it is to give it up. It must have been impossible for her since Vintage Fair ended in late August and here begins FAIR in late September. Backslider!!

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Many Happy Returns

SolAria - L'Aph

Before I ever began blogging, I was an avid shopper. One of my favorite designers was Aphrodite Outlander and I had fatpacks of her Vintish pumps and her Sasy mules as well as many of her dresses. Early readers would find several posts with her clothing and shoes back in 2008 and 2009. I loved her bold, painterly use of color – as if Gauguin had decided to make clothes in Second Life®. Like many early creators, she closed her store. Luckily for us, though, her retirement turned out be a sabbatical instead. She’s launched a new store named L’Alph which she opened with several mesh shoes and dresses. I was so excited and am thrilled to be wearing one of her new dresses – Eva. She made it in twelve striking colors, but I chose the black one with the silver print. That gorgeous ring is from [glow] studio and can be found at FAIR – the new monthly design showcase from Chic Management. It opens at 4 PM today.

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Sunday Morning Blues


No, I am not feeling blue, just wearing blue – and sitting on blue. The blue cardigan is from Leverocci. I picked it up when I was thinking my outfit from The Sea Hole looked a bit chilly for the weather we were having. The chair is from RnB and is a Wear Gray event item. It has 9 sit animations in it with a good mix of realistic male and female options. I love the retro styling. It reminds me of this fabulous couch I bought at a rummage sale that was that same electric blue and also a 60s vintage in pristine condition. I bet they kept it in plastic covers. It was 75 inches long and I loved it. Unfortunately, my dog would chew on the legs a bit, so I bought some bitter apple and sprayed the entire couch so she would leave it alone. Big mistake! I came home after work to a house with floors 6 inches deep in couch batting and fabric and the only fabric and stuffing still on the counch the little bits near the staples and upholstery nails that she could not chew off. It went from fully upholstered to wood and springs with one spray of bitter apple. When I saw this chair, I felt a pang of nostalgia for that magnificent couch and for that damned dog.

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Mai in Drowsy

Hiya, folks!
I hope you’re all doing good 🙂

I was exploring Drowsy which is finally open again (yay!) and I thought I could take a few snaps to show you the beauty of the sim and also the awesomeness of my latest purchase, the Mai dress from Gizza.

Oh, let me tell you the little story of Mai and me 😀
I wanted to go get it a few seconds after I received the notice of its release, some weeks ago, but then RL distracted me (naughty RL!!!) and I forgot about it. Then I’ve been away from SL and the web – also my computer – from one week because my right hand needed to rest and when i got back I had to solve my issues with the Phoenix viewer which decided to make me crash every 5 minutes :/
So I killed Phoenix and, being uncomfortable with Firestorm, I tried Singularity and I’m really happy with it, oh yes!
To test Singularity’s behaviour especially in those places where King Lag reigns, I decided to hunt for some cute stuff and when I entered the Gizza store to look for the hunt item I noticed the Mai dress and, after slapping myself, I bought it.

Ok, I bored you enough with my little adventures, now it’s pictures time:

Mai in Drowsy


This dress is really beautiful, with its delicate and soft textures. Don’t you agree?

More pics and credits after the cut!
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