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Comfy Cosy Are We

No, I am not heading out for a sleigh ride, but it’s snowing again!!! So I wanted to cuddle up in something cozy and warm This lovely nordic dress from The Closet seemed just perfect – with it’s lovely pinks and greens.

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What's the price of whimsy?

What is the price of whimsy? Well, starting tomorrow for the holidays, it’s 1 Linden @ Nix Sands’ wonderfully eccentric clothing store Pixie Pumps, also called XCentricity and XNT. So, when I need to find  the store, I look up Nix Sands’ profile just because the name confuses me. The D’Fly Ice Queen are going on sale for just 1 L – and they are worth a 1000 times that in sheer fun and delight.

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Minty Fresh Cuteness

Stores like Honey Kitty and DP YumYum specialize in cute. In fact, I believe they have installed security systems in their stores that prevent anything from rezzing that is not cute. If your hair stays grey in the store, you know it’s not cute. If you aren’t sure about an outfit, test it and tp in and see if it rezzes. If it does, it’s cute. But cute is a continuum. Is it as cute as a baby shark with a funny nosel or is it as cute as a baby seal?  This, I think, is just plain off the chart cute.

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Bare Rose Challenge #5

More Bare Rose love – and this time because it’s a great place for coats and jackets – lovely open jackets that might be part of some complicated costume but on its own makes a lovely open jacket to wear over some seperates.This jacket is from Cross Bones Girl and the rest of the outfit is not something I am likely to wear, but I could see what a gem this jacket was right away.

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So, today I am  planning to get all sorts of inventory cleaning done – the inventory cleaning I said I would do this weekend, but….I didn’t. How does that happen that I have these lists of things to do and then the day goes by and I cannot even tell you what I did, but it wasn’t much.  Oh, well, I looked good doing not much wearing this tartan from Muism. I love that the buckles are prims you attach because it looks just so much better than being drawn on.

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You Make Everything Groovy

The new Billow Boots from Maitreya are a delightful re-imagined reachback to the 80’s. They seemed to demand something playful and impudent to match their mood. While shooting, I kept hearing that old, old song Wild Thing, you make my heart sing. You make everything…groovy.

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She says pink, I say purple

Checker Dress Pink

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

Is this pink or is this purple? While not a matter of earth-shattering urgency, I would like to know so I put it away in a folder where I can easily find it again. Yes, I am one of those irritatingly organized people. My clothes are organized into types of items (such as Dresses: Everyday, Dressy & Formal) and then within each of those folders, there are color folders. So my eyes say put this in the Everyday/Purple folder but my head sees the word Pink in the name and all of a sudden I want to put it in Everyday/Pink.

I know I will want to wear it again. The lovely bias tape edging in plum, the darling criss-cross belt combine to give it a sweet, delicate feel. It also comes with a short, snug miniskirt and comes in several colors in season fat-packs. More photos on my Flickr.

Style notes after the jump.

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