What's the price of whimsy?

What is the price of whimsy? Well, starting tomorrow for the holidays, it’s 1 Linden @ Nix Sands’ wonderfully eccentric clothing store Pixie Pumps, also called XCentricity and XNT. So, when I need to find  the store, I look up Nix Sands’ profile just because the name confuses me. The D’Fly Ice Queen are going on sale for just 1 L – and they are worth a 1000 times that in sheer fun and delight.

Here you can see them close up.. they aren’t made for runways in Milan or Bryant Park, but the fairies, spirtes and other sweetly magical people will love them.

I am wearing the first non-freebie piece of clothing I ever acquired. I got it from Nyte and Day on the 4th day of my SLexistence – the Rainment white skirt which was one of the early scripted skirts for sitting.

The tights are Petit Ange and the Norwegian Sweater is from Black Moon. I would like the scarf a little shorter, but it’s no mod. I know Vanilla Sola of Black Moon will mod your clothing for you, but I would very much prefer to mod it myself for convenience sake.

The skin from Beauty Avatar was released today – Melody natural – and has a lovely fresh air look perfect for wearing outdoors.

The background texture is a photo of this lone big tree on a hill in the horse pasture on my brother’s farm. It’s one of 10 Christmas textures I made as a Christmas gift for my friends. You can download any of the textures here or IM me in-world for a pack.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio
****STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

Skin: Beauty Avatar Melody Skin natural 11 R
Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes Sunny Glade
Lashes: CyberNetic
Hair: Abyss Secret
Skirt: Nyte and Day Rainment White
Sweater: Black Moon Norwegian Beauty
Tights Petit Ange pink
Earrings: EarthStones Snow Flurry Pearl Earrings
Shoes: Pixie Pumps D’Fly Ice Queen Pumps dollarbie R

2 thoughts on “What's the price of whimsy?

  1. Nix Sands

    Thanks for your kind review Miss Cajsa! Please allow me to clear up a few confusing bits about my stores & brands. My main clothing business in SL is called XCENTRICITY (abbreviated XNT!~) and is a Neo-Victorian haberdashery for gentlemen (and undaunted ladies). When I came up with the idea for the D’Fly Pixie Pumps I felt they did not fit within the XCENTRICITY brand and warranted a new brand be created: PixieKnickers Fae Fashions (abbreviated PK!~).

    Since PixieKnickers does not yet have enough of a product line to merit a separate shop at this time, it is a temporary guest at my XCENTRICITY shop in the Port Babbage sim. My friend RubyRed Xue will be managing the PK!~ brand and contributing creative content in the future.

    Cheers, Nix Sands

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