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What's the price of whimsy?

What is the price of whimsy? Well, starting tomorrow for the holidays, it’s 1 Linden @ Nix Sands’ wonderfully eccentric clothing store Pixie Pumps, also called XCentricity and XNT. So, when I need to find  the store, I look up Nix Sands’ profile just because the name confuses me. The D’Fly Ice Queen are going on sale for just 1 L – and they are worth a 1000 times that in sheer fun and delight.

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Who? Me? Wear Silly Shoes? NEVER!

posted by Gidge Uriza

These shoes are getting a lot of mileage but they’re too HILARIOUS not to. Seriously, giant fairytale shoes with wings with what look like fairy lights……they’re the perfect pixel compliment to SCADS of outfits.  They’re so over the top that I knew they’d be a hoot even with this sleek look from Digit Darkes. Continue reading

Hatchy is a Butterfly

When I sent my friend Hatchy a pair of the D’Fly Candy Corn boots – the 1L boots at XCentricity, she was thrilled and decided to become a butterfly. When I signed on the next day, she sent an IM saying “TP, TP!” I thought she was stuck in a rock, but really, she was just excited to show off her butterfly self.

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The Three Graces

Last night was a bit of an adventure. I had just found a SqueeCute Halloween costume for 1 Linden at Kuri Style. I was getting ready to shoot it but thought I needed more flamboyant shoes. I recalled these absolutely outrageous-in-a-good way shoes I had seen earlier on an equally outrageous-in-a-bad way woman, Shoes I complimented her on only to get hit over the head with a barrage of rudeness. Oh well, let’s not go there.

Instead, let’s go to Xcentricity where I encountered Newdoll Nikolaidis and Allesist Klaar, two adventurers who are also on the Outrageous Shoes Quest, a lifelong, neverending quest that gives life meaning. We clicked our heels and headed back to the studio to shoot a photo of the 3 of us, all in our new dragonfly shoes – a Halloween gift from XCentricity. Yes, we had just met, but questers on the Way of the Outrageous Shoe have a bond. Newdoll also shot a photo as well and I love what she did with it. Check it out here. And yes, you can like it better than my photos. I like it better than my photos.

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