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A Twofer as Time Is Running Out

This is Nyte’n’Day’s lovely RFL Clothing Fair dress – worn with Alyssa Bijou’s Firenze jewelry set also for RFL I love the sleek and graceful dress but wish the jewelry came with instructions to turn off the sparkle. It’s not obnoxious bling, but I still wanted to turn it off so I could more fully enjoy the lovely sprays of diamonds.

This is Tres Beau’s incredible Amethyst gown for RFL Clothing Fair paired with Dahlinks Czarina set for RFL. The gown is amazing – and comes with two sets of prims – those with and without sparkle. I tossed the ones with sparkle because I know me and will never wear that, but the sparkle-free is just amazing!

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Rouge et Noir

The colors of Modern Gypsy’s new winter collection are red, black and white. They are such powerful colors – passionate and bold and perfect, of course, for the strong patterns and shapes of these designs. I confess to absolute infatuation. This dress is particularly entrancing. It’s a beautiful and elegant cocktail gown – yet the top layer of the skirt fabric makes me think of light reflecting on a roadway. The way the white seems to glitter out of focus like the lights reflected on a wet street.  So much beauty – and yet evoking such a gritty image.

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Lush Life

Mami Jewell of azul gave me this lush dress a few weeks ago – back when I photographed her for my Double Take project. It was not released yet and she said she had a few things to do before releasing it…though what that could be is not clear as I think it is just so luscious and gorgeous and sexy and hot. It’s just an amazing dress.

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Mika has a wonderful outfit with a vintage flair called Anastasia. The fur muff and trim makes you think of Princess Anastasia who was rumored to have survived the regicide of the Romanov’s in 1918 and showed up years later in Paris. DNA tests proved conclusively that she did not survive and that the Anastasia of Paris society was a fraud, disappointing many. However, I think that Anna Anderson, a Polish factory worker, who was able to pull off such an ambitious and far-ranging long con is a much more interesting character and has a much more interesting story.Perhaps in honor of the deceptive story of Anastasia, this dress is deceptively simple at first glance – yet has three different ways to be worn just as Anna Anderson had three identities.

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I Feel Pretty

I feel pretty!
Oh, so pretty!
Pretty and witty and bright!

Now who would not feel pretty in this marvelous jeweled brocade gown from Mimikri. This gown takes opulence to the royal vault and comes out wearing the crown jewels.  To add to its lustre, it comes with multiple options for wearing, including the fabulous sheath shown in this picture. The pastel gloves from Fleur look great too.

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Creating This New Year to Come

Elros Tuominen, the Second Life artist, is always incredibly generous with his art. For the new year, he sent this marvelous work called Creating This New Year to Come to his group.  Like many of his works, you can sit inside it and meditate in a moving swirl of color and beauty. However, this really needs to be appreciated from outside as well.

My art-admiring outfit is from SkinFlicks, the Sally knit dress in pink.

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You ought to go camping

I thought I should post this camping chair prize from Inara’s quickly so you can camp and perhaps sort your inventory a bit in time to have it for Christmas. Even though green is my favorite color, I adore dark blue and snowflake dresses. They just go together so well and this one is such a happy confection and a perfect backdrop for the stunning EarthStones seasonal jewelry.

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Kinetic Energy

Gidge and I received some fsahion blog review goodness from Digit Darkes and because Sasy, the Addictive factotum, is a super thoughful sort of factotum, she knows our color tastes and always sends us different colors. So, there’s Gidge in sunset and me in forest.

Digit Darkes is a bold, fearless designer who never hesitates to mix prints, to use bold colors and to go all out and wild. This time she went super-wild with a prim skirt that is lit from within. I admit, I had my doubts when I first put it on, but then I don’t wear bling. However, this doesn’t have the feel of bling…and I think because it’s very kinetic and never static, rather than overwhelming, it’s just eye-catchingly beautiful.

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MDR: One Year Old

MDR Photo Studio was one year old yesterday – and we will be celebrating that milestone with a big party on Friday night at 6:30 PM SLT. In that year we have grown from 1024 sm of ocean in Glookbone to a full sim with our studio and a photo park. The photo above was shot on the beach at MDR where there are a couple of those wonderful wooden boats and rocks from Las Islas filled with beachy animations.  I am not wearing the beachiest clothes, but Skin Flicks jacket is, despite its upscale fabric, completely wash and wear, so no worries.

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