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Anatomy of a Blog Post

I don’t know about other bloggers, but for me, the final outfit that I blog is often different from where I begin. That sure is true of this one. I really wanted to do a festive getting in the Christmas spirit sort of outfit, but not with a Christmas Tree Sweater or a Snowman Dress, but with combining the colors of the season. I started out with a pair of green pants – however, they were too low cut for me and showed more butt crack than could be covered by this sweater. I suppose I could have put a bodysuit under, but I really like this sweater with it’s subtle argyle pattern – so I decided to try other options – including contrasting the argyle pattern with some tartan tights I had in my inventory. Showing off the tights meant wearing shorts or a skirt, so I started trying on skirts. Perhaps 6 or so would have worked, but they were a bit too dark or they had this that or the other little issue that I quibbled with, so off I went in search of a green skirt.

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Saving Daylight

There’s an easier way to save some daylight than having the whole word jump forward. We could just all wear yellow and bring some sunny cheer to the day. And we would not have to lose an hours sleep to do it. You know I really love these tartan tights from !*G^G*! because I hate that store name and would prefer to never type it out again.  Nonetheless, when I put this outfit together I knew I needed to use those tights just for the whimsy of it all. Continue reading

It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World

Today’s outfit would never have come together if not for the good sense and grace of designers who allow their customers to mod their clothes. I really wanted to put these pieces together but the colors weren’t quite right…but thanks to flexible and smart designers from Thimbles and Maitreya, I am happily wearing exactly what I wanted to wear. It all started with this fun and adorable coat from BomBon. Yes, BomBon, not BonBon.

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