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Fall's Fancy

posted by Gidge Uriza

Laynie Link had a tremendous sale a few weeks ago, where she got rid of a lot of her older fashions to make room for new pieces.  I took advantage and had to expand all of my closets because of it, I tell you. This beautiful fall colored set – Hibiscus Dreams – is separates so you can pick up the skirt or shirt or both. Where can you get them? Both are still available on ONREZ lucky girls.

The skirt has a texture like crushed silk, it’s lovely and has a beautiful swaying action when you walk…..very delicate and lady like. Continue reading


posted by Gidge Uriza

……If You CAN Then My Hair’s TOO SHORT!


I know songs from Hair!

That particular one, was a favorite in High School – as we were lacquering our hair with more layers of Aquanet and teasing it this way and that, yet dropping those bangs down strategically to look disheveled.

I recently told Cajsa that I think my love affair with Aleri Darkes hair stems from my love of her bangs in the face styles.

I gotta have bangs. And Aleri isn’t shy about shagging up a ‘do with some killer bangs, I tell you that. Continue reading

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

posted by Gidge Uriza

One of my new favorite haunts is the duo of Seasons and Facets (now under construction……Grand Reopening Soon I hope). Chica Indigo has a great program that I love, keep her in your favorites and you are entered into a drawing every month for a free outfit. SWEET! So many stores have had and then abandoned those programs where you get paid to keep them in your pics…..I think mostly because the scripts didn’t work properly or possibly also because people were running Alts and scamming them….(jerks)

So anyone that I like that will also reward me for keeping them in my pics is a group I will seriously consider. I really liked Seasons and Facets even without that, though, the first time I popped over there. And this LOVELY pantsuit that I WON last month (Oh Did I MENTION that I WON? HEEE!) was a perfect compliment to one of my new PXL CRY skins. Continue reading

Never Too Chic To Sneak!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m sequestered this weekend (for the most part) doing the Blogher conference in SL! But I thought I’d take a few to share some FANTASTIC NEWS!! CHIC BOUTIQUE IS BAAACK! Did you know? I have always loved Chic Boutique, it’s one of those places that I have always steadfastly refused to take my friends – so that they couldn’t have the stuff I had haha. Yeah, I’m that jerk.

But you know how it is, you and your friends all shop at the same places and suddenly you are showing up to places in the same outift. It’s funny the first few times, and then it’s just ANNOYING. Chic Boutique has always been my ace in the hole, my “Oh I forget where I got this” place.  I went a few weeks ago and it was GONE! Under construction etc. Waaaaah! Continue reading

Blogher 08 in SL Fashion Sense!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I finally picked up the free tshirts for this year’s Blogher in Second Life event.

What to do with a free tshirt?

I don’t WEAR Tshirts In World for the most part, except for my PRIM WHORE shirt from Weird Shit so really…..now what? I’m speaking this year – I’m kind of OBLIGATED to do something with this aren’t I?

TA DA! I figured it out! Continue reading

Voyageur à la Mode

posted by Gidge Uriza

Traveling in style is a fashion opportunity that should not be missed, in RL or SL. Today in RL my company will have a limo pick me up for transport to the airport – where I’ll be whisked off to destinations 1000 miles away. Continue reading

Shiny Shiny Tint Tint

Shiny Shiny Magic Pants

by Cajsa Lilliehook

In the mood to explore, i knew I wanted some comfortable pants – sexy comfortable pants, of course. This outfit started around the oh-so-hot Shiny Shiny Magic Pants from Fashionably Dead. Their stretchy shiny lycra is made for sexy comfort. These are pants you can tint in Edit Appearance mode to any shade you desire.  If you go to pick up a pair, use patience scrolling through the vendors. It’s in there.

I paired it with a top from the Zurie pants outfit from Seasons, an outfit i purchased because I loved the top, intending from the beginning to wear the top with other pants. I love the retro sensibility of the top and its bold colors. However, I would rather not wear a belly-baring top while exploring so i added the white sash from the Persona fat back of sashes on the jacket layer and then tinted it in Appearance mode as well. I highly recommend picking up the fat pack – an inexpensive wardrobe enhancer that you will never regret.

This gave the me idea of exploring the tremendous versatility of color-changing purchases in putting this outfit together.  I am a fan of color-changing and do it all the time because most of the red hairstyles in SL just don’t give me that deep red auburn that I want, so i have tinted about 75% of my hairstyles to get the color I want. I also use CW’s manicure that you can tint in Appearance mode for maximum flexibility. 

To stay with the color-changing them, i opted to use CKS’s Bamboomerangs Earrings which can be changed to more than a dozen different options and Fresh-Baked Goods Donut bangles whose base color can be changed with a simple touch. I was tempted to wear color-changing shoes, but really, these Periquita’s suited the outfit too well to wear anything else.

Additional photos of the outfit are on my flickr. Close up photo and style notes after the break. Continue reading