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Hobo Christmas

I was very unhappy at being snowed in and unable to spend Christmas with friends as planned. So, when I saw this Christmas tree at Forgotten Village, I  wanted to photograph it.  It sort of expressed what my holiday felt like.  In order to better express my mood, I thought I would outfit myself with some grunge wear.

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Going for the Gold

This is one of those dresses that really fool you. You see it in the vendor and think, cute, I like it.  If you are a fashion addict like me, you might buy it and that’s when the fun begins, because you see, this is one of those dresses that needs to be taken out of the box, shaken, stirred and walked about  in.  in a static photo, it’s cute. On a moving avatar, it’s stunning. It’s very kinetic – alive with movement and sparkle. I really recommend Raeva’s have store models when the difference between the photos and the reality is this startling.

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The Quest for the Holy Grail

Okay, so we’re not searching for the Holy Grail, but looking for ghosts under the bed and behind the curtains and everywhere but up the chimney. Well, maybe up the chimney too. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. This outfit is almost all from the Ghost hunt except the dress – which came from the marvelous freebie outlet at Bastchild and Lapointe…so yes, an entirely free outfit.

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You Make Everything Groovy

The new Billow Boots from Maitreya are a delightful re-imagined reachback to the 80’s. They seemed to demand something playful and impudent to match their mood. While shooting, I kept hearing that old, old song Wild Thing, you make my heart sing. You make everything…groovy.

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Shiny Shiny Tint Tint

Shiny Shiny Magic Pants

by Cajsa Lilliehook

In the mood to explore, i knew I wanted some comfortable pants – sexy comfortable pants, of course. This outfit started around the oh-so-hot Shiny Shiny Magic Pants from Fashionably Dead. Their stretchy shiny lycra is made for sexy comfort. These are pants you can tint in Edit Appearance mode to any shade you desire.  If you go to pick up a pair, use patience scrolling through the vendors. It’s in there.

I paired it with a top from the Zurie pants outfit from Seasons, an outfit i purchased because I loved the top, intending from the beginning to wear the top with other pants. I love the retro sensibility of the top and its bold colors. However, I would rather not wear a belly-baring top while exploring so i added the white sash from the Persona fat back of sashes on the jacket layer and then tinted it in Appearance mode as well. I highly recommend picking up the fat pack – an inexpensive wardrobe enhancer that you will never regret.

This gave the me idea of exploring the tremendous versatility of color-changing purchases in putting this outfit together.  I am a fan of color-changing and do it all the time because most of the red hairstyles in SL just don’t give me that deep red auburn that I want, so i have tinted about 75% of my hairstyles to get the color I want. I also use CW’s manicure that you can tint in Appearance mode for maximum flexibility. 

To stay with the color-changing them, i opted to use CKS’s Bamboomerangs Earrings which can be changed to more than a dozen different options and Fresh-Baked Goods Donut bangles whose base color can be changed with a simple touch. I was tempted to wear color-changing shoes, but really, these Periquita’s suited the outfit too well to wear anything else.

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