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Vintage Flowers

By Cajsa Lilliehook

I love orange, i love flowers and I love that soft retro blue – so how could I not love this dress? Ingenue specializes in vintage clothing and creatively uses some gorgeous retro prints. This dress has that lovely soft retro blue – like those old melmac plates my parents used for camping trips. I love that blue. It’s possible that if spiders were that color blue, I might even like spiders. 

I put it together with wonderful stone earrings, necklace and bracelet from Swallowtail. If you love big jewelry with natural stones, simple and organic jewelry, Swallowtail is a must. They also have adorable felt dresses unlike anywhere else. Besides, it’s so much fun to shop there. Be sure to give yourself time to wander out and see all the animals. I added the lovely Periquita shoes that always suit a retro dress. 

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By Cajsa Lilliehook. 

Thursday night I was DJ’ing for a party at our Photo Studio and wanted a hot little outfit for dancing.  I had recently purchased a cute little sundress from SeVan and really wanted to wear that gorgeous yellow print, but wasn’t in the mood for a dress, so I decided to wear the top. I added the oh-so-versatile Shiny Shiny Magic Pants that I can tint to any color and tinted them the blue in the top’s print. They didn’t meet up perfectly so I tossed on one of the sashes from the Fat Pack from Persona. But it looked unfinished to me. Then I remembered this gorgeous shrug jacket from Digit Darkes in bright yellow. No, I didn’t put on the jacket, I just put on the sleeves, making them look like they were part of the SeVan top. Mixing and matching is so much easier in Second Life. Can you imagine doing that in real life? More photos on my flickr

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Epic Beauty

Some store freebies are just astonishing – and the ones from  Kouse’s Sanctum are at the top of that list. This dress, Calliope, named after the oldest and wisest of the muses, blends perfect feminine shaping in the bodice and skirt with the assertiveness of the mythical Calliope in the bold cerise fabric. This is a group gift for Kouse’s sanctum – so beautiful and elegant that it displaced my planned outfit for the day, jumping into line ahead of her turn, just like Calliope would.

This Calliope is versatile as well, the skirt comes in three versions from this slim skirt in the photo to a grand ballroom circle skirt. The sleeves have two lengths in the flowing draperies. The shorter chiffon draping is pictured, but the set includes fuller longer chiffon draping. With such an elegant dress, the simple but lovely Darling hair from Laqroki, though as usual, I have tinted it myself to get it closer to the shade I want.

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Shiny Shiny Tint Tint

Shiny Shiny Magic Pants

by Cajsa Lilliehook

In the mood to explore, i knew I wanted some comfortable pants – sexy comfortable pants, of course. This outfit started around the oh-so-hot Shiny Shiny Magic Pants from Fashionably Dead. Their stretchy shiny lycra is made for sexy comfort. These are pants you can tint in Edit Appearance mode to any shade you desire.  If you go to pick up a pair, use patience scrolling through the vendors. It’s in there.

I paired it with a top from the Zurie pants outfit from Seasons, an outfit i purchased because I loved the top, intending from the beginning to wear the top with other pants. I love the retro sensibility of the top and its bold colors. However, I would rather not wear a belly-baring top while exploring so i added the white sash from the Persona fat back of sashes on the jacket layer and then tinted it in Appearance mode as well. I highly recommend picking up the fat pack – an inexpensive wardrobe enhancer that you will never regret.

This gave the me idea of exploring the tremendous versatility of color-changing purchases in putting this outfit together.  I am a fan of color-changing and do it all the time because most of the red hairstyles in SL just don’t give me that deep red auburn that I want, so i have tinted about 75% of my hairstyles to get the color I want. I also use CW’s manicure that you can tint in Appearance mode for maximum flexibility. 

To stay with the color-changing them, i opted to use CKS’s Bamboomerangs Earrings which can be changed to more than a dozen different options and Fresh-Baked Goods Donut bangles whose base color can be changed with a simple touch. I was tempted to wear color-changing shoes, but really, these Periquita’s suited the outfit too well to wear anything else.

Additional photos of the outfit are on my flickr. Close up photo and style notes after the break. Continue reading