Not Your Granny's Hairpin Lace


Anessa Stine of DCNY is not your granny and this is not what she might cast off her hairpin lace loom, but she certainly has a granny’s old-fashioned attention to detail. If you want to know what I mean look at the prim flap on this dress. The much maligned and frequently cursed prim flap melds near seamlessly into the pattern of the lace – and continues to do so when you shift positions. Now that’s attention to detail. My one crafty hobby is lace-making and hairpin lace is one of the easiest there is to make. I lost interest in hairpin lace quite early because generally it was used for making scarves and shawls. Now, if I had thought to make something like this, I might have stuck with it longer though I am sure my mother would have vetoed such a racy, lacy dress.

I headed over to the Jersey Shore to shoot because I could imagine the Jerseylicious Olivia in this dress. The Jersey Shore is a fun, bright and cheery shopping sim with amusement rides and a candy store straight out of the last century.

I wore the Baby Monkey Columbine pumps that I picked up at Shoe Fair that ended yesterday. They are fun pumps that you can play with the many permutations of color. The heel, shank and front can all be changed independently for lots of color fun. My only quibble is that it is unclear which part of the shoe to click for the recolor menu or the resize menu. I felt like I was clicking all over and getting the resize menu 10 times to every recolor menu. This could be my viewer acting wonky, but it was a bit frustrating. Still, in the end, I liked the many options I had.

The jewelry is something I have had for three years at least. They are the Buttons of Fun necklace and earrings from KCD, Kimberly Casanova Designs. This is why my inventory is leaning over, ready to topple in a heap on the floor. I keep this old stuff because I like it and think I will wear it again. And I do wear it again.


And then I add new stuff, like this gorgeous new hair from Exile called Opal. Exile has new colors and I am giddy with the new reds, there are some softer reds, more brick than carrot, that just thrill me. The skin is PXL Creations Gaia with the Lilla eyes and Passion lips tattoo layers.

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: Status
  • Skin: PXL Gaia
  • Tattoo Makeup: PXL Gair Lilla Eyes, Passion Lips
  • Eyes: Unique
  • Lashes: Lelutka
  • Hair: Exile Opal
  • Dress: DCNY Stretch Crochet Dress
  • Shoes: Baby Monkey Columbine Pumps
  • Jewelry: Kimberly Casanova Designs Buttons of Fun!
  • Location: Jersey Shore


2 thoughts on “Not Your Granny's Hairpin Lace

  1. boyo

    I’m so glad it’s candy (unsure)

    like the hair style, it reminds me of Kristin Wiig… Now that she’s an up and coming star, I think her influence is starting to ripple through popular culture. 😉 And I like the buttons on the dress, they add a lot of character and dimensionality.

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