I Have Gone Positively Dotty!!!

Conference participants tend to take one of two distinct fashion paths when attending a conference – the hyper-casual or the dressed to kick ass and take names approach. Last night seemed the time for the latter, so I chose a vintage style dress and added a bolero because it was a bit chilly. I truly accentuated the positive in this outfit with the hat, though.

I feel confident and completely put together – even though the bolero is borrowed from another dress – Ingenue’s High Society – to wear with this lovely Ivalde dress called Isadora.  It’s the lovely short gloves from Fleur, the insouciant shoes from sixty-nine and most of all, the flirtatious dottiness of the hat from Elegance Hats. Could anyone  with such fun accessories feel anything but confident and ready to conquer the world.

Ingenue’s Jitterbug Doll hair style and the bamboomerang earrings complete the look – with the fresh look of the Curio skin.

  • Shape: meili2 custom by Hatchy Mills
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Skin: Curio GP Classic Rosette
  • Nails: Love Magic Glossy Crimson
  • Hair: Ingenue Jitterbug Doll
  • Jacket: Bolero from Ingenue’s High Society
  • Dress: Isadora White from Ivalde
  • Shoes: 69 Candy pumps
  • Gloves: Fleur Black Leather Gloves Short
  • Hat: Nancy Elegance Hat in Black White
  • Earrings: KCD KCD Silver Bamboomarangs
  • Necklace: Rings and Things Necklace White Shine

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