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Quick Look: Tasty

My favorite thing about the DSN network is when I find a new store I really like. That happened when this adorable dress from Tasty fell on me the other night. The minute I put it on I have to check out the store, too, and found gorgeous and hotter than hot 60’s style dresses that I expect you will see more of as people find their way to Tasty. What a well named store because these are tasty little dresses.  And don’t these shoes from R2 just work perfectly?

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Linna's Moods

I found the cutest shoes the other day while wandering looking at some shops. They are Sugar Skull Chucks from Naith Smith Design. Inspired by Day of the Dead skeleton cookies and candies, they are adorably macabre and had me reaching for this casual look from MichaMi. I am wearing one of my new shapes for Sui Generis. This is Linna and she will debut at the Skin/Shape Expo this coming weekend. She’s 5’10” which makes her petite by SL standards, though not too short unless you stand next to a 7’6″ avatar. Oh my!

This shape is based on a family photo. Most of the family is blonde and the resemblance is strong enough that I had to add blonde hair, like this Pine style from 69 because my usual red looked wrong with this face – one I am used to seeing on my blonde, blonde niece.  The skin from La Sylphide adds to the resemblance.

Like all Sui Generis shapes, Linna comes in three moods In the picture above, you can see the moods she comes with – from the subtle smile on the left, the basic look in the center and the melancholy mood on the right.  All Sui Generis shapes come with these three mood shapes plus a skirt shape.

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LeeZu Does It Again

LeeZu is more fashion forward and fashion adventurous than I am. I love to go to fashion shows featuring her clothes because there’s sure to be some extravagant and experimental forms and designs that are just a bit more wild and wonderful than my personal comfort level and that’s fine. I love to see it and marvel and know that there will also be equally extravangant and wild pieces that are at my comfort level. Her work spans such a range that you can always find something that’s “just right” like this lovely gown called Adriana.

Did I say gown? I should have said cocktail dress, I guess? Depending on how you wear it, LeeZu includes enough prim options to let you get it just right. The Sayuri pumps, by the way, are from HaysUriza.

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Rebel Child

So Tenshi Vielle of Boutique (this is a new name) recently dropped this outfit on me and I had to share it because I love the fabrics.

So Tenshi Vielle of Boutique (Note: That’s a new name.) recently dropped this outfit on me and I had to share it because I love the lovely prints in the dress and the insouciant mix of contrasting prints. Putting it all together with the hat and jewelry that came with – I could not help but think of that tremendously earthy and powerful singer Gretchen Wilson and her song Rebel Child.

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In the Summer, In the City

When it gets hot and the sun beats down on the asphalt, it’s time to break out the sunglasses and bright colors. The bright colors add zest and energy to combat the enervating heat and the sunglasses make the bright glare bouncing off the sidewalks bearable. White, such as in the jacket, is the necessary color of the season – brightening your look and reflecting the light and heat away from you. Dressing for summer heat is always fun because it demands your brightest brights and lets you shine. For example, the FAB.PONY dress above is the brightest blue or the KA Creations dress below, both accented with white accessories.

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Sunday Afternoons At the Velvet With George

Gidge has the perfect outfit for Sunday Afternoons at the Park with George and, someday, I am sure she will get around to blogging it. As for me, well my Sunday afternoons are usually spent at The Velvet where MDR business partner Maht spins a couple hours of great music mixes. This Sunday I wore this made-for-dancing Splatter r Dress  from Axel. I had stopped by Axel earlier on Sunday to admire their ambitious store remodel.  I was impressed with the beauty of the store and with the thoughtful arranging of outfits.  It was hard to limit my spending, but who can complain when the fruits are as adorable as this.

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On the Sunny Side of the Street

The sunshine yellow in this joyful spring skirt and blouse from Mimikri made me think of the joyful and exuberant song “On the Sunny Side of the Street.”  This is the yellow of sunshine and springtime.   That song is particularly interesting in that many believe it was written about the experience of “passing” – the practice by some light-skinned blacks of passing as white to increase their opportunities.

Grab your coat and get your hat
Leave your worries on the doorstep
Life can be so sweet
On the sunny side of the street

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Bare Rose Challenge #5

More Bare Rose love – and this time because it’s a great place for coats and jackets – lovely open jackets that might be part of some complicated costume but on its own makes a lovely open jacket to wear over some seperates.This jacket is from Cross Bones Girl and the rest of the outfit is not something I am likely to wear, but I could see what a gem this jacket was right away.

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Tickled Pink

Am I tickled pink? Well, yes, I am. MDR Photo Studio has moved to its own sim and is open for business at the new location on Amelia Isle, though we are changing the name to MDR. I have been scrambling this weekend to move all the equipment and get set up as much as possible. So…color me tickled…PINK.

And a tickled pink woman needs to wear PINK. Not just pink, but PINK! So…

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Love Is All Around

“I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.” The water that is. Yes, I went wading in the water at Nameless and am Wet Wet Wet.

JoJorunoo Runo has a few new releases at RunoRuno and passed me some review copies. This one captivated me instantly with it oh-so-sexy form-fitting silk textures. In fact, it is so form-fitting it makes me think of the way silk clings when wet and I had to try it out at Nameless.

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