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Summer Days

Summer dresses are like summer days, bright and cheerful and full of light and air. This Holly dress from Kungler’s is definitely a perfect summer dress. It was a gift from Barbra Kungler – a thank you for including her in my Double Take project. How lovely is that, she was posing as a favor for me and I got a present out of it – and a lovely present as you can see.

Barbra Kungler: Double Take

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Why Not?

I fell in love with this adorable little pinstripe skirt from Humby Designs and could not wait to style it. The folder comes with two lenghs for the dress, including one shorter than this. At first I put on a plain red blouse with red tights and black shoes. It looked nice enough, but it just did not have the pow I wanted to really show off how splendid this skirt really is, so I thought perhaps a different blouse and started trying on other red tops. Now somehow this top made its way into my red folder (perhaps a misfile since Prints are right above Red) and when I put it on, my first thought was Why Not?. So here we are.

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I received a promotional copy of this adorable micro-mini from BOOM! this weekend and I loved the little buttons and the adorable belt so much that I had to blog it even though there’s no way I would wear a skirt that short in this life or real life. From the front, you don’t get to appreciate how dangerously short it is – but hey, that’s what tights are for!!

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Cute Alert

Okay, sometimes clothes are just too darn cute. You put them on and say “Aww!” and then you run around upping the cuteness quotient by choosing a cute hair style and cute shoes and cute makeup. Of course, if you mention Schroedinger’s Cat people might not think you know what you are talking about, but smart people will know better. One of the things I really like about today’s television shows is the prevalence of cute and smart people – like Abby on NCIS and Charlie Eppes and Amita Ramanujan in Numbers. I just love seeing smart people who are cute. Now, what does this have to do with the Aqua Plaid dress from Dani’s Fine Fashions. Well, it’s cute. It’s really cute. It’s not black, so Abby would not wear it….but it’s a great bargain, so it’s a smart purchase. Which would make you both cute AND smart.

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This is why I fail at hunts

Last night I started the CSR Stamp Rally. It’s a good thing there’s plenty of time to get cards stamped because the first place I teleported to was Happy Mood and after getting my cards stamped, I stopped to look if there were anything new. But that was not really why I stopped, i stopped to play on their marvelous posing tree. Oh yes, I had to sit on every pose and loll about. And that was as far as I got on the stamp rally last night.

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Love Is All Around

“I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.” The water that is. Yes, I went wading in the water at Nameless and am Wet Wet Wet.

JoJorunoo Runo has a few new releases at RunoRuno and passed me some review copies. This one captivated me instantly with it oh-so-sexy form-fitting silk textures. In fact, it is so form-fitting it makes me think of the way silk clings when wet and I had to try it out at Nameless.

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Tuli Scrumptious

Tuli group gifts are always truly scruptious and this one was particularly so. The Shy makeup of the new Elizabeth skin in all skin tones, I fell in love with the soft blush of the cheeks and the dusting of freckle. I would have dressed in something frilly and femme, but a dear friend had returned to SL after several months hiatus, so we went exploring – and that requires sensible clothing. Sensible, but fun clothing. Continue reading

It's Not Sold Out In Second Life®

Some Second Life designers are real life designers whose creations take a journey from idea, to paper, to fabric to pixels, linking their First and Second Life design business. Carnal, House of Nyla and Petal Meg are a few that pop into my head without doing any research. Another, though, has been added to that list, Poison Candy, located at the Cannery Rezzable. They have irreverent, irrepressible and imaginative designs such as this charming tattoo dress, which is currently sold out in Real Life. Ah, the advantages of  Second Life!!!! 

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Retro Prints

Nothing can bring an outfit to life faster than a bold retro print. Take this cute little jacket and skirt outfit from Miffyhoi Rosca at H&M.  She sells it with a white v-neck crop top and it’s adorable. It has prim cuffs, collar and a bit of prim swing to the jacket as well. The attention to detail on the prim collar is stunning as you can see in the close-up photo below.  However, it needed some color, I thought, so I reached in the closet and pulled out this retro print top from The HUB. That spark of color just brought it all to life.

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