Retro Prints

Nothing can bring an outfit to life faster than a bold retro print. Take this cute little jacket and skirt outfit from Miffyhoi Rosca at H&M.  She sells it with a white v-neck crop top and it’s adorable. It has prim cuffs, collar and a bit of prim swing to the jacket as well. The attention to detail on the prim collar is stunning as you can see in the close-up photo below.  However, it needed some color, I thought, so I reached in the closet and pulled out this retro print top from The HUB. That spark of color just brought it all to life.

Besides, it gave me the chance to wear these great shoes from Shiny Things. I fell in love with them and have been eager to wear them. Tapping into the yellow in the print, I wore the EarthTones New Grazia set in yellow and silver. Now, while you have the closer photo, look at the amazing work in that buckle on the collar. Stunning.  More photos are available on my flickr




  • Laqroki Amy 05 Portland Skin
  • Skiin Deep Diamond Series  Pink Nails
  • Mau & Mej’s Imenja Black Stripe band (tinted)
  • Zenith – OL Outfit by H&M at Don’t Ask
  • HUB Mod Print top with Faux Tank
  • Shiny Things MaryGeo spring Green Pumps
  • EarthTones New Grazia Jewelry Set Yellow-Silver



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