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The Cuteness Olympics

If you want to enter the Cuteness Olympics, be sure to go to Shirohato which must surely be certified as the official cuteness supplier for the Olympics. Today’s entry consists of a lovely babydoll called Petite Oiseu or Little Bird, an apt name with the lovely little birds on the skirt.

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Retro Prints

Nothing can bring an outfit to life faster than a bold retro print. Take this cute little jacket and skirt outfit from Miffyhoi Rosca at H&M.  She sells it with a white v-neck crop top and it’s adorable. It has prim cuffs, collar and a bit of prim swing to the jacket as well. The attention to detail on the prim collar is stunning as you can see in the close-up photo below.  However, it needed some color, I thought, so I reached in the closet and pulled out this retro print top from The HUB. That spark of color just brought it all to life.

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Grape Drape

There’s the scent of roses in the air – yellow, lemony roses carried by the breeze from the church down the street. It made me want to put on something floral and summery and I thought of this dress right away. From Bianca Foulon, the draping dress in grape is a floral confection with a full skirt tiered by a black lace wrap. I hesitated to wear it before because the neck prim seemed a bit to high and too snug, making me feel like tugging on my collar. I decided to leave off the neck prim this time and wear Japancakes magnificent Wild Petal Scarf. The scarf comes with a color change script and is one of those must-have accessories that can make a dozen outfits zing.

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Halfway Up the Hindu Kush

And i love you
For showing me the view
From halfway up the hindu kush…katie melua

I went looking for the Taj Mahal the other night and actually found a house for sale called the Taj Mahal. It wasn’t what I was looking for though. While i didn’t find the Taj, at the SL Botanical Garden I found this lovely building that suited my shooting mood, even though it looks more Arabic than Indian. I was wearing the lovely tie dye blouse from Zaara and wanted a special setting to complement the rich and ornate textures that make her clothing so unique. Incidentally, this is one hot little blouse – and I don’t know which to emphasize, hot or little. Continue reading