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Shot with Mechanized Life's Filter Cam and Expansion Pack

Rock Per Annum moves forward another year to 1966. 1966 was a year of contrasts. The Vietnam War continued to polarize people, largely along generational lines. Star Trek made its debut, as did the Monkees. The Black Panthers were formed, and the first Toyota Corolla was sold. More importantly for our purposes, this was a year in which the notion of an album really started to be much more than just an assortment of material packaged around a couple of singles. Pet Sounds, Blonde on Blonde, and Revolver made a strong case for the pop album as an art form of its own. The Velvet Musicologist Maht Wuyts will be ending the set tonight by playing Revolver in its entirety. His plan is that most weeks moving forward, he will end the night with an important album from the year in question. The set begins at 7 PM SLT tonight at The Velvet. Be there or be square. (I wonder if that phrase began in 1966?)


There was a lot of diversity in fashion in 1966. Hemlines were up, down and all around at the beginning of the year but by fall, were pretty firmly above the knee, though you wouuld often see a long coat paired with a mini-dress. The waist was gone forever, lost in a world of aline shifts and babydolls. There was a lot of experimentation with fabric. It was the year of the paper dress and of Paco Rabanne’s plastic and wire dresses. Yes, plastic a full 45 years before Josh McKKinley thought he discovered something new on Project Runway. Most women still wore cloth, however, and it often was a bright, bold print from textile designers like Emilio Pucci and Ken Scott. This dress from Subculture by Shauna Vella is a perfect example of the 1966 look.
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Gretchen and Teddy


Here I am heading out for a short foray of exploration. I brought along a tote bag in case I picked up some eggs, wheat or butterfly milk along the way. I noticed in the Destination Guide that there was a new exhibit from Bryn Oh and you know as well as I do that they are not to be missed. I wanted to look really chic since there’s usually a few people watchers so I tossed on this lovely outfit from Jador. It’s a gorgeous fall skirt suit and the work on it is really great. Look how beautifully the plaid matches up at the seam. The creator provided an alpha mask for the breasts so you needed spend a lot of time fitting if you don’t mind your breast size determined by the outfit – though with a jacket, the bust always seems flatter the more you layer in any world.

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Adam n Eve like to do things a bit differently than most stores – and that’s true with their offerings for the RFL Clothing Fair. In addition to the more traditional Ruffles dress you saw the other day, they put out Renegade, a decidedly not the usual RFL pink or lavendar girly confection. featuring jeans and a hot bomber jacket (photo after the cut.) The jeans come with a cute red camo crop top, but I wanted something to tuck in. I picked up this gorgeous top at Apple May Designs at the fair instead and decided I just love it.

Unbelievably, it’s already the last day of the Clothing Fair. Many, though not all, items you have seen on the many blogs featuring RFL items are exclusive to the fair and won’t be available after midnight SLT. If that’s not enough reason to run-don’t walk to the fair right now, there are the magnificent builds that people spents weeks making.  It’s worth the lag, the crowds and everything just to see the wonderful builds.

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Does the Fashion World Ever Stop for Breath?

This outfit combines elements from three events that are going on right now, the Accessory Fair, the Clothing Fair and Melt, an Installation on Thin Ice…and there’s a Pose Fair on the way. As the title asks, does the Fashion World ever stop for breath? I don’t think so.  Anyway, let’s start with the glorious Accessory Fair jewelry from SPICA. I have a long love for SPICA’s jewelry and was so happy to see the store included in the Accessory Fair because that would mean something NEW! and there sure are some lovely new items including pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings in black and white.   The white pearl jewelry was the ideal complement to the dress, it’s pearls small and delicate enough to work well with the froth of net and crystals on the bodice.

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It's a Wonderful Night

It’s a wonderful night
You’ve gotta take it from me.
It’s a wonderful night
Come on and break it on down

I love this outfit I put together using part of the Rock Top mini dress from +plus and the asymmetrical skirt from CoCo. It’s a great dance party outfit and deserves a hot night on the dance floor. The top has gorgeous silver studs on the sleeves and a prim chain attaching at the neckline. With such great embellishments, I didn’t feel a necklace was needed at all.

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Dispatches from the PXL Tanning Booth

I wanted to share the new July skin in tan with you. It’s a fabulous tan, bronzed and healthy without a hint of orange. Blue looks gorgeous against a nice tan, so I put on this gorgeous hemp shirt from Phoenix Rising. How exciting that even in SL, sustainable fabrics are gaining in the market. The pants are from A-Bomb and about as fun as pants can be, based on the traditional seaman’s pant, they have been modified to make them more feminine and flattering.

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Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall

When I looked in my clothing folder this morning I saw a lonely little jacket not in a folder, but sitting there all alone and loose. I recognized the name and realized it was one that I bought Humby Designs on my shopping spree. I just came without a folder and so I decided to make an outfit around it – the one you see above. It’s a great outfit. Still, gray plaid jacket and an autumn look is pretty predictable, isn’t it? So…for fun…I decided to take that simple jacket and style one outfit for each season.

All photos are shot at MDR’s Photo Park which is open to the public. Click on through if you want to see more details on the outfits. And – if any bloggers out there want to take a shot at making an All-Seasons Item post, I would love to see it.

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Why Not?

I fell in love with this adorable little pinstripe skirt from Humby Designs and could not wait to style it. The folder comes with two lenghs for the dress, including one shorter than this. At first I put on a plain red blouse with red tights and black shoes. It looked nice enough, but it just did not have the pow I wanted to really show off how splendid this skirt really is, so I thought perhaps a different blouse and started trying on other red tops. Now somehow this top made its way into my red folder (perhaps a misfile since Prints are right above Red) and when I put it on, my first thought was Why Not?. So here we are.

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Prim Fringe Rocks My World

This fun and creative pink halter to with prim fringe is one of many special items available at Hope Valley created to raise money to fund breast cancer research. BOOM – where you can find this and a man’s I <3 Boobies shirt is only one of the many stores selling special items. Others are The Sea Hole, Naith Smit Designs, Republica, *BOOM*, Diamond Photography, .tga swimwear, Gigi Couture, Aden, and Meya. I recall from a group notice that Meya also  has a free “Luck of the Irish” pose over at their Hope Valley store as well – if you can find it. So tonight or tomorrow, you should head on over to Hope Valley and check things out. The Hope Valley fundraiser ends tomorrow, so get on over there.

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