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Ellie Cornelli

I love the name of the new blouse from Vanitas Vesture. It sounds like the name of some heroine in a children’s story who does daft things that turn out well. It also sounds like the name of that horror movie actress, but let me assure you, this shirt has nothing of horror about it. It’s made on all layers and sheer, though wearing two layers (as I am) gives you the opacity you want for public events. I am wearing it with the fabulous Anoorea skirt from MichaMi, a lovely high-waisted system skirt.

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Autumn Sundress – Oxymoron?

posted by Gidge Uriza

It’s one last post before I go under the knife tomorrow. That’s right……Gidge is having surgery. I’ve been so sick for several weeks and finally they’ve decided that it’s surgery for me.  Since I’m not one those people who divides their SL and their RL much – I’m Gidge in both worlds…..I thought I’d tell all my favorite fashionistas what has been going on. If you want to catch up with RL Gidge……you can get the scooby-doo here.

Since I’m kinda bummed out, I wanted to post something fun, something that truly made me smile when I saw it and this dress definitely qualifies.

I had never once shopped at Gigi Couture so I have no clue why I got a notice – unless I FORGOT I shopped there and joined their subscribo – I’m a subscribo junkie and join everyone’s 🙂 . Continue reading


Monday night I was getting ready to shoot some photos for the blog and my friend Furrball came visiting. I decided I would shoot at EmVee Cuba because he had never seen it before, so off we went and I showed him round. He suggested shooting against this wall because of the contrast between the light terra cotta and aquamarine of the walls and the deek rich brick red of the skirt. He was so right. I love the way the colors bounce off each other.

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Black is Black

ooooh, the new Gothic skin from Tuli is darling.It combines the delicacy of the Elizabeth features with a luminous porcelain skin. When you add the Vamp makeup with its kohl-lined eyes and the carmine lips and you have a face that would make Clara Bow happy.  In honor of it’s gothic perfection, I even gave myself a quick color rinse and have black hair for the night.

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Ooh, Spiders

Abraxxa Anatine has gone Halloween crazy. It was not that long ago she released the Desmodus jewelry in all their batwing glory, and now she has released Eww! Spiders! This is a delicate and intricate jewelry set, nearly as delicate as the web weavers that inspired it.

So, I have to quibble about the name. It should be Oooh! Spiders! because spiders are such lovely, handy little beasties.  They eat mosquitoes, no-see-ems, wood ticks and horse flies, what more can you ask of any creature?  And yet, they do more. They spin beautiful webs of intricate lace that inspire our art and imagination. Continue reading

V-A-M-P Vamp

Rockberry’s freebie Halloween dress, the Vamp Dress, doesn’t really have to be limited to Halloween. It has lovely design details like the belted corset which I would have loved to have on a separate layer. Of course, the batwing scalloping on the bodice is  a bit witchy, but witchiness like vampishness are year round qualities.

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The Great Pumpkin

You know what I said about being ware of Holiday-specific clothing that you cannot wear any other time of year?  Well, rules are meant to be broken, especially when ithe entire outfit is only 75L, made by Miffy, one of my earliest friends in Second Life and to top it all off, it’s crazy as in crazy cute. Continue reading

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

There’s a new designer on the block. She doesn’t have a big stock with lots of outfits yet, but what she has is delightful and original. I am hoping she develops a good following, is super successful and keeps on making wonderful clothes like these. One of the rewards of blogging fashions is discovering some new and exciting designer that just makes you flip, especially when she tracks you down and gives you samples of her work to review which is exactly what Kimmie Mosten of the new Foxy Moron store at Juicy Del Mar did.

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What Does a LADY Wear Sex-Bed Shopping?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Something Lady-Like – Of course.

I start every log in the same way, I stroll up to the third floor of my house, hop on my dressing stand and get nekkid. It is only then that I start to drop onto my floor, like a complacent teenager, anything that has been dropped into my inventory since my last log in, review items, group gifts, invitations, catalogs, presents, things I bought from Onrez or SLX etc etc etc. I throw them around the room opening them haphazardly and whoa be to me when the stuff isn’t boxed. But that’s another story. Continue reading