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The Luck o' the Irish

I have never understood that phrase. Have you noticed any particular luck the Irish have had, what with potato famines, centuries of occupation and colonization, the “troubles” and to top it off, leprachauns.  I guess the one lucky thing is their association with the color green – my favorite color – and one that has worldwide associations with luck, wealth and prosperity because it reminds people of plentiful fields and the promise of big harvests to come. So, in many ways, the luck of the Irish is about the promise of the future – not so much the reality of today and of the past. So perhaps their luck is optimism. The sort of happy, luck-reliant optimism than imbues this Clover dress from Moxie Polano – a Relay For Life Clothing Fair offering.

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Before I Was Broke…..I Bought More Hair

posted by Gidge Uriza

There are a handful of jewelers in SL I really like. Bliensen and MaiTai have a special place in my heart, I must confess, because they sent me the first review pack of jewelry I ever got. I still feel the damn way if they send me something, too. “OOO! ME? WHAT? You sent ME a present?”  Delight & joy, like Christmas for a grown up pixel girl.

So you can IMAGINE how perplexed I was when I found this darling necklace sitting in my inventory, and that I not only hadn’t worn it – I hadn’t SHOWN YOU!  What a doofus. Continue reading

The Store I Lost

posted by Gidge Uriza

Once Upon a Time, Cajsa TP’d me into a store. It was fully of elegant, delicious ballgown-goodness. There were some fastastic dollarbies (piles of gowns from older releases for about 5L) and a neat viewer that rotated THROUGH was was in the freebie boxes so you could SEE them. I thought this was  a great touch – how often do you get home with a hideous freebie? This way, you only pick up the one you want.

And I BOUGHT one, this EXCELLENT GREEN GOWN! I had an event to wear it to. Continue reading

At Last

The snow leopard coat from Endeavor seems to have been made for the new At Last dress from A-Bomb. Even the attachment points are different so the coat does not knock off the fur trim on the dress.

At last, my love has come along
My lonely days are over
And life is like a song

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Sugar Sweet

Cube Sugar is new to me and what a find it was for me. I definitely will be going back again and again. These pink and teal plaid pants came from there and I could not be happier. I love the look. I am delighted that they are mod, allowing me to widen the bottom just enough to go over the tops of my ankle boots. I love everything about them, including the way the seams meet – a challenge with plaids.

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Ballgown Therapy

posted by Gidge Uriza

Know what you need sometimes? Sometimes you need your best friend to say “Let’s put on the biggest ballgowns we can find and be girly girls.”

Fortunately, in SL we have Sascha Frangilli to fill that need with some of the most spectacular and versatile ballgowns IN the metaverse. 

You see Cajsa and I in the same dress “IMOGEN” in pink and red (for Valentines WHOOT!) and we’re just showing you SOME of layering options that you’ve got with this gown. Want a great big battleship skirt? Want a smooth sleek look? Want a big puffy fur collar? No? All of these pieces and parts are just a few of the options you get for a really reasonable price for such a luscious dress. Continue reading

En Vogue

Miffy of Zenith and I have been friends since my first month in Second Life and have spent many hours sitting on a pig talking about this that and the other thing. I remember watching her make her first clothes and marveling at her sureness and speed in moving those prims around. She often sends me her newest creation and every once in a while I will blog one that is less neko that most of her clothes.  Now is when I admit that she once asked me why I dressed like an old lady. Such is the difference between 20 and 33. However, we are both a year older now and that year makes a bigger difference for her…which really shows in the increasing feminity and maturity of her designs. This last dress she did is just stunning and for the first time, I am doing a blog post of an outfit in all its colors: silver, gold, pink, blue and black.

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Oooo Bebae Bebae!

posted by Gidge Uriza

How many review items can one girl wear in a post? Let’s find out!

All of them?! YES!

The new Bebae Valentine release skins are really very glamorous – maybe fancier than this sweater pants combo warranted but I’m having trouble taking them off lately.  Continue reading


I have to smile at the name of Moonshine Designs as I am a granddaughter of  a moonshiner with bootlegging relatives and no, I am not from Hazzard County, though my brother did have a red Dodge Charger Special Edition and was a stock car racer. Wow, putting all that together does sound kind of Hazzard County, doesn’t it? Well, the northwoods of Minnesota are pretty rural, too.  I doubt, though, that Shelley Toonie of Moonshine Designs was thinking of that kind of Moonshine.  So let me get my head out of the moonshine and show off this Moonshine design – the wonderful embroidered Sheer Flowers.

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