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So Different From Others,The Angels Will Weep

posted by Gidge Uriza

When I put on anything “MENS” I always have the same question.” HOW BIG ARE THEIR AVS BECAUSE GOOD GRIEF THIS PRIM IS BIG!”  I’ve got a few men’s pieces, and this shirt from Armidi – the Gisaci Cambridge shirt is no exception. It’s completely cute in a variety of ways but ya gotta work to get those prim cuffs from being wonky.

I love my Bernie skirt from Poison Candy – this is the one WITHOUT the logo- I haven’t been there in a while though – this used to be a freebie. It’s got great detail with a zipper in the back and lace edging around the bottom. Continue reading

Delicious – Courtesy of Kunglers

posted by Gidge Uriza

So I’ve got this new bed, we’ve established that. What you probably don’t know, is that I’m a bit picky about how I look IN ALL situations. So, I was running the gauntlet on some of my lesser-worn skins – trying to find one that didn’t end up with wonky seams and odd coloring when I was, ahem, twisting into various pose ball contortions and after a while the site of my own pixel naked-ness was wearing me out. Continue reading

It's Not Sold Out In Second Life®

Some Second Life designers are real life designers whose creations take a journey from idea, to paper, to fabric to pixels, linking their First and Second Life design business. Carnal, House of Nyla and Petal Meg are a few that pop into my head without doing any research. Another, though, has been added to that list, Poison Candy, located at the Cannery Rezzable. They have irreverent, irrepressible and imaginative designs such as this charming tattoo dress, which is currently sold out in Real Life. Ah, the advantages of  Second Life!!!! 

Continue reading