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I received a promotional copy of this adorable micro-mini from BOOM! this weekend and I loved the little buttons and the adorable belt so much that I had to blog it even though there’s no way I would wear a skirt that short in this life or real life. From the front, you don’t get to appreciate how dangerously short it is – but hey, that’s what tights are for!!

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Tuli Scrumptious

Tuli group gifts are always truly scruptious and this one was particularly so. The Shy makeup of the new Elizabeth skin in all skin tones, I fell in love with the soft blush of the cheeks and the dusting of freckle. I would have dressed in something frilly and femme, but a dear friend had returned to SL after several months hiatus, so we went exploring – and that requires sensible clothing. Sensible, but fun clothing. Continue reading