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The Best Color in the World


“The best color in the whole world is one that looks good on you.”
Coco Chanel

I thought of that quote when I saw the wonderfully rich, saturated colors in the new leggings from MichaMi, because I think all of them would look good on me. Alas and alack, I had to choose and opted for this rich brick red, one of my favorite colors.  She made the leggings to coordinate with a colorful print top that she also produced in a range of colors that show her mastery of putting color together.

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The Little Details


Yves Saint-Laurent once said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” The Ingenue pencil skirt I am wearing is a testament to that truth. Introduced by Christian Dior in the 1940s, the pencil skirt is over seventy years old. The details, though, are what make this pencil skirt serve both fashion and style. The row of small round buttons up the banded high waist are the kind of details you look for when you want something fashionable and eternal.

Speaking of details, the top I am wearing comes from a dress released by Les Petits Details for the With Love Hunt that opens tomorrow.  The French Dress from LPD has a short mini-skirt and a fabric bow, but I was in the mood for something longer and sleeker.

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Pose Appreciation: oOo Studio


Poses are what separates avatars from mannequins and dress up dolls. They convey emotions, attitudes and actions. In a photo, we can have the most beautiful setting and glorious gowns, but without a pose, we have no narrative. They are the verbs in our Second Life® stories. Olaenka Chesnokov of oOo Studio is a wonderful storyteller. Do I really have to tell you that this pose is from her Bitch series? Can’t you tell by looking?

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11:00 A.M.


It’s 11:00 and what are you doing? Well, if you go to the FAIR event, you are drinking tea in this rich brocade tea dress from 22769. The dress is a rich scarlet with a chic, modern folded bodice of silk moire. Its modern styling and traditional fabrics make a great mix of old and new.

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It’s 3PM So It Must Be Zenith


Chic Management’s new monthly showcase FAIR has a clever organizing framework. Each monthly showcase is limited to twelve designers each of whom are assigned an hour of the day to serve as their inspiration. It’s a lovely conceit and for many of the items, I could see how the time of day inspired their design immediately. It is fun to walk the clock and try to figure out if I can follow their train of thought. Some were less successful than others are making an obvious connection to their time of day, but I like the challenge and seeing their efforts to meet it.

Miffyhoi Rosca of Zenith was assigned 3 PM and coincidentally, I am typing this very sentence at 3:01 PM. I can’t quite make the connection between the time of day and the off-shoulder sweater, but I certainly can make a connection to the sweater. It comes in three colors and also has matching socks that I did not put on. It’s comfy and cozy and so chic at the same time.

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It’s Only FAIR


Purple Moon Meryl Gown in Red

I am wearing a gorgeous, sleek and sinuous gown from Purple Moon that I picked up a FAIR – the newest event from the Grande Dame of event-planning, Keira Seerose. After the massive and highly successful Vintage Fair, I swear I heard Keira say something about taking it easy and semi-retiring from event planning. However, the better you are at something, the harder it is to give it up. It must have been impossible for her since Vintage Fair ended in late August and here begins FAIR in late September. Backslider!!

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Many Happy Returns

SolAria - L'Aph

Before I ever began blogging, I was an avid shopper. One of my favorite designers was Aphrodite Outlander and I had fatpacks of her Vintish pumps and her Sasy mules as well as many of her dresses. Early readers would find several posts with her clothing and shoes back in 2008 and 2009. I loved her bold, painterly use of color – as if Gauguin had decided to make clothes in Second Life®. Like many early creators, she closed her store. Luckily for us, though, her retirement turned out be a sabbatical instead. She’s launched a new store named L’Alph which she opened with several mesh shoes and dresses. I was so excited and am thrilled to be wearing one of her new dresses – Eva. She made it in twelve striking colors, but I chose the black one with the silver print. That gorgeous ring is from [glow] studio and can be found at FAIR – the new monthly design showcase from Chic Management. It opens at 4 PM today.

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Black and White Challenge


Thanks to Maci Restless and IOF’s own Hybie, there is a fun new blogger challenge that I hope gets lots of bloggers involved. While the rules allow for a simply desaturating the colors, I decided to go full black and white and began my challenge by focusing on black and white in my outfit and setting. The dress is one of six options from DCNY for the My Attic Shaken, Not Stirred discount room at The Deck. I chose the black and white Gin dress and clutch. The dress comes with your choice of the traditional crotch flap or a mesh prim skirt, so Viewer 2 or 3 users will be happy. The clutch comes with a relaxed or bent elbow pose for each hand – four options so you don’t have to do a lot of editing to get what you want.


I shot the pictures in the white on white Escher prop from Bent! Although it was created for Vintage Fair, it should be in the store now that the fair is over. It’s a fun pose with 22 poses in the menu and very easy to edit. It’s also modifiable, so you can tint it – though I think it gets its visual power from being white on white and the interplay of that white with the shadows.

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Fanning the Flames


IrEn’s gorgeous baroque corset outfit for Collabor88 is designed to inspire flames of passion. You can listen to Fanning the Flames with Maria Muldaur here.

“There’s smoke in the distance
And there’s fire up ahead.
There’s trouble brewing.
There’s danger,” he said.

And like an unlucky omen
Every word turned out true
And now we’re fanning the flames of passion
And burning up, ooh burning up.


I was inspired to dig out my old fans from Mika. The in-world Mika store is closed, but you can find it on Marketplace.

The first time I saw you
When I first laid eyes on you.
It was like time bomb starting ticking, Darling.
Detonation overdue.

And when our love’s just smoldering ashes
and when they have those ashes hauled
They’re gonna say we were fanning the flames of passion
and burning up, ooh burning up.

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Pretty in Python


Kunglers has released a new dress called Eleanor with six texture options – from pop art stripes to sexy pyhon.  I was drawn to the python even though I generally like snakes. I was not always fond of snakes and certainly hold a snake responsible for breaking my wrist when I was in 9th grade. I was climbing in Montana and was startled by a rattler while on a cliff. Considering I fell 60 feet, I guess a broken wrist was nothing to complain about. In college, though, I worked at the Minnesota Children’s Museum and one of my duties was showing the snakes and feeding them. I developed a fondness for Squeeze – who was incredibly well-named even though he was a mouse murderer.

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