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Not Too Late

Not Too Late

I was going to blog this lovely gown I picked up at Culture Shock, but I ran out of time. Culture Shock closed yesterday and I am eager to hear how much was raised in total. Anyway, although this was a donation gown at Culture Shock, it will be available after the event at Vanguard, a store that features wonderfully bold and provocative clothing.

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A Highly Improbable Gown

Dance in the Wind

One of the joys of Second Life is being able to wear completely impractical gowns that might not be impossible in real life, but would be highly improbable. Take the Dance in the Wind gown from Gizza, for example. You can teleport from place to place in Second Life, but in the real world, you would have to get that skirt to end all skirts inside a vehicle to go anywhere. Well, that won’t happen. So say you decide to walk the 4.8 miles to the ballroom, the dress is so full of life and so sensitive to every pulse of the wind, it’s like walking in the midst of a white tornado – so that won’t happen either. But in Second Life, you don’t have to worry about transport or being able to see where you’re going so you can wear an extravagantly flamboyant gown.

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Welcome to Sanity Falls

Welcome to Sanity Falls

For fun, I went to check out the newest MadPea production – Sanity Falls, a multi-sim hunt for the ransom to rescue your kidnapped spouse. I only made it to the city limits, distracted by the memes of Second Life plurkerville. I am wearing a great mesh dress from Tukinowaguma. Why didn’t I know Tukinowaguma had mesh? At 150L per dress, that’s a great place to shop for quality mesh clothing – all in standard sizes.

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Best New Release Ever!


Squinternet Larnia has released a new dress, the first since her long struggle with illness began in December. Her struggle is not over, but I find so much hope in her return to designing and in the forward-looking name of her new outfit. April is the month of new beginnings, of rejuvenation, when the flora and the fauna return with full life force after the long winter of retreat and hibernation. I hope that the name for her new dress is a harbinger of hope, just as April is the harbinger of renewed vigor and vitality in nature.
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Where's the Snow?


Since Thursday the weather forecast has been filled with breathless anticipation of snowfall and every commercial break has had a promo about preparing for snow. About 11 pm last night there was giddy live coverage of a few flakes falling over at Mt. Scott, one of the higher elevations in the city. They even zoomed in to show that a piece of wood actually had some white cover of unmelted snow. I went to sleep before any snow fell in my neighborhood and checking out the window this morning, whatever snow that may have fallen is all melted away. Coming from Minnesota, I always am entertained by local weather coverage of snow, but this was the ultimate in much ado about nothing.


Besides, if I want snow, I can just hop around the grid and find some snow. In fact, I just took a peak at French travel blogger Karro Lean’s Winter Collection post and hopped on over to Y&R to snap some pics. The store had moved, but they left a landmark. Now, none of my outfit from today’s post comes from Y&R, but being drawn to their store to shoot a few pictures, I naturally went shopping and you can see the results in Gidge’s post from yesterday and another that is coming. For this, though, I was bundled up and ready for snow! As you can see, I have a fabulous thermal knit ribbed sweater from SAKIDE and over that a huge, thick, warm cable-knit sweater poncho from Baiastice. I was loaded for bear, as they say.
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Hello Down There


I stopped by China the other day and saw a couple TP points I had not noticed before that can take you to the China Boat or the China Square. I decided to take a look at China Square and discovered a modern, urban industrial setting with a touch of futurism. It seemed just perfect for the outfit I was wearing – the Emmanuelle catsuit from Kunglers.


The suit has beautiful lines as the seams contour down the torso and so does China Square. I love the brilliant lighting that creates the mood of a busy city.
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dec 16_006

I went to Venice last night and discovered there even more to the City if you walk behind the bridge. How is it that I have been there multiple times and not noticed anything past the tip of my nose? I was probably fixated on how cute my nose looked and could not see past. I wore a gorgeous dress that I popped on earlier when I went to the InMutio extravaganza. Do you always wear clothing by the creator whose show you are going to attend? I sometimes think about it, but generally don’t.  I generally focus on lowering my rendering cost so that I don’t spend so much energy on me that I don’t have any left for the models. With the fabulous backdrop necklace that comes with this sexy little dress from Baiastice, it’s not a low prim dress, but I just took it off and left it at home for the show.

Besides, doesn’t this dress just sizzle. It’s one of Sissy Pessoa’s Christmas Collection and I cannot wait to see the rest of the collection. I haven’t had a chance to look yet what with drooling all over the floor at the show yesterday and working on adding new blogs to Blogging Second Life and trying on white stuff for tonight’s White Ball and generally dawdling and frittering. If you need lessons in dawdling and frittering your time, I’m your girl.
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Gypsies & KittyCatS


Modern Gypsy has released a new collection called Forever Gypsy full of bold new looks, with rich colors, bold prints and that fabulous flair we associate with Micah Kanto. I am addicted to plaid so this dress Muerra Look 5 immediately captured my heart. It came with a red belt, but I was feeling a bit more sedate and in a vintage mood so I grabbed this old wide belt from closet. It’s from Cachet, the former brand of Lelutka designer Thora Charron. It’s also a white belt, that I tinted to match the stones bedazzling the bodice.

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1967 was the prelude to the Summer of Love. Rolling Stone published its first issue. Ralph Nader came to the attention of the public with his book “Unsafe at any Speed” which launched consumer activism. Gas was 33 cents a gallon. Radio London started broadcasting. And Scott McKenzie sang “If you’re going to San Franciso,” the anthem calling youth to the Monterey Pop Festival. Resistance to the Vietnam War was growing and Muhammed Ali was stripped of his heavyweight boxing title for refusing induction into the army. The Beatles released Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Clubs Band and the Magical Mystery Tour and Kurt Cobain was born. You can come to 1967 at The Velvet tonight from 7 to 9 SLT as Maht Wuyts continues his Rock per Annum tour of the last 52 years of music.


Inspired by the San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in your Hair) song, I decided to wear this Flower Children outfit from Gizza. You can find it at the Vintage Fair in two colors. This is the red one – as bright and vibrant as the music that played at the Monterey Pop Festival. The outfit includes the top, pants and the crocheted shrug and all have resize scripts to help you fit them.
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Now let me show you the dining room…


As you can see, the house comes fully furnished. Here we have the dining room which as you can see includes a large table with ample room for your family and room for more when you entertain. Oh, you like my dress? This old thing? Why, thank you. I declare I like this dress so much it seems like I wear it every day. I recall there was this clothing fair and I picked it up there from, oh let me think, from, from Purple Moon Designs. Yes, that’s the name. Purple Moon Designs. You really must go! You think it has a vintage flair? Really? I think it’s very modern.


Why yes! That is a pipe organ. I think Poppa bought that while traveling in Eastern Europe between the wars. The Iraq Wars? No, I don’t recall any Iraq wars. Between the First and Second World Wars. What else could I have meant? The wine glass? I think there’s something about that glass. My sister might know, but she’s stepped out for the afternoon. Actually, I was hoping we could conclude this business before she returns. She’s quite attached to the old place.

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