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Feeling Nostalgic


This is the fourth annual Peace on Earth hunt. Blogging about the Hunt makes me remember my first year in Second Life and the POE1 was the first gridwide hunt that I had participated in. I remember reading about it beforehand and wondering how they would do a gridwide hunt – did that mean I had to look everywhere? Yup, I was that doofus! It was fresh and exciting and so much fun to hunt with Gidge, running all over the place, cracking wise and having good times. I remember how we would go to lucky chairs to wait and actually talk in chat. We even had lucky chair parties! This made me remember Digit Darkes and how much Gidge and I looked for her every new release, racing to be there to see what was new! She’s left the grid and I have packed up almost everything, but not everything. For this post, I pulled out a couple favorites to mash up with a dress from 1 Hundred for the 4th Annual Peace on Earth Hunt. The dress is adorable, but it’s chilly and I have been battling a head cold and for some very bizarre reason, I want my avatar to be nice, warm and comfy, so I didn’t want to wear a sleeveless mini – no matter how adorable. I decided to take off the skirt and add some pants and a jacket.
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Gypsies & KittyCatS


Modern Gypsy has released a new collection called Forever Gypsy full of bold new looks, with rich colors, bold prints and that fabulous flair we associate with Micah Kanto. I am addicted to plaid so this dress Muerra Look 5 immediately captured my heart. It came with a red belt, but I was feeling a bit more sedate and in a vintage mood so I grabbed this old wide belt from closet. It’s from Cachet, the former brand of Lelutka designer Thora Charron. It’s also a white belt, that I tinted to match the stones bedazzling the bodice.

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Walking in a KittyCats Winterland


Oh yes, the season is upon us. That wonderful season of peace on earth, goodwill toward man (so long as he isn’t between you and the two dollar waffle iron). In Second Life, it’s the season for the Peace on Earth Hunt, advent calendars and wintry sims full of joy and generosity. Today the Peace on Earth Hunt begins with over 200 participating stores crafting delightful surprises that they have cleverly hidden in their stores. Because it’s such a massive hunt, stores were required to place the hunt item within 40m of the sign and hints are provided on the official blog, so rest assured that you can make your way through the hunt while still keeping the wonderful seasonal spirit of joy and celebration.

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Ezura & FluiD Furniture's POE giftsHappy last day of November, and start of Advent! (Not that I really know what Advent is, but I hear it’s like a super-long Hannukah?) At any rate, I’m wearing two POE gifts today, one from Ezura (the lovely frock), and one from FluiD Furniture (the lovely headband, interestingly enough). They go together well! I’m also wearing a skin from a new-to-me skin shop, Mystic Canvass. This skin was for moody monday, and I like the delicate blush of it!  POE4 starts tomorrow, and I’m excited!

FluiD Furniture – POE4 gift, biscuits and gin bandeau
Outfit: Ezura POE4 hunt gift dress

Other stuff:
Skin: Mystic Canvass soft skin for moody mondays, in soft pinky
Hair: Lamb Isolation – honeycomb roots
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Doll ankle boots in black
Tattoo: Ezura BodyArts gothic roses tattoo
Necklace: Lolapop! Corvus Necklace – shorter version
Nails: Mandala short nails



1970 was the year the Beatles broke up. Let It Be was #1 and Paul McCartney released his first solo album.  All My Children premiered. Bras were burned. The US, France and the USSR were testing nuclear weapons all over the place. The US announced its 500th nuclear explosion. The Chicago Seven were found innocent of inciting a riot. Love Story was the biggest movie of the year. The Who’s Tommy was performed at Lincoln Center. The voting age was lowered to 18 in the US and Casey Kasey’s very first America’s Top 40 was broadcast on the 4th of July.  You can enjoy the best part of 1970 – the music – at The Velvet tonight from 7 to 9 pm at the weekly Rock Per Annum event chronicling the music from 1960 to 2012 over 52 weeks.

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Healing in his wings

POE hunt skin & shirtThe skin and shirt I’m wearing are more previews from the Peace on Earth hunt! Oh, it’s going to be such a fun hunt… [BLUSH] offers three shades of its winter skin, and the shirt I’m wearing from K-CODE is totally convertable from halter to dress. See those trees? I love those trees. They’re from MIASNOW, and come in either straight or curvy. Curvy trees! [SLURL to MIASNOW] [Info about POE]

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New skin from Fricka!!

Fricka Morgath of Frick has made NEW SKINS. I love it when she does this. They are always so carefully modded and pretty, right down to the pixels, and always extremely affordable (in fact, there’s a sale until 12/2, and the skin I’m wearing is only 10L!). Today’s Peace on Earth hunt item are these cool poses — four in all (two feminine, two masculine) from Look@me Poses. This is going to be a good hunt! [Info about Frick] [Info about Peace on Earth]

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Black Friday


I come from a town with only one store and I can list everything it sold. Eggs, bread, butter, burgers and fries, hot dogs and onion rings, 3.2 beer and soda, minnows and earthworms and that’s about it, other than renting canoes, boats and cabins. Needless to say, it didn’t have a Black Friday sale. The next town down the road had a gas station and a grocery store though only with the most basic fresh foods. For something so esoteric as, let’s say, broccoli, you would have to drive 50 miles or more. With that background, Black Friday never caught on. I guess that leaves me looking askance at those who wait in line for hours to shop. There’s nothing I want that much.
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And mercy mild

POE DCNY poncho.

Today I’m wearing another lovely gift from the Peace on Earth hunt, this poncho from DCNY. Fluffy goodness, with an excellent alpha that hides my arms. It’s all about the magical realism, right? The hunt starts December 1st.

Earmuffs: /artilleri/ knit earmuffs in green
Poncho: DCNY cozy poncho in sky for POE
Skin: Plastik Aleria Ethereal lilac skin
Hair: KIK hair – Vanessa (dark)

Peace and art and bubbly

POE painting.

Happy Thanksgiving to the USers. I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for, and it’s mostly all of you lovely humans! The fourth (damn, is it already the fourth?) Peace on Earth hunt starts on December 1, and here are a few more previews. We have art! Outfits! Props! All with that awesome cheerful holiday theme to get us the hell through this season of dark and cold.  Two more photos and the credits are behind the cut. Continue reading