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Merry Christmas Sequoia Nightfire

Sequoia Nightfire_004

Sequoia Nightfire was so busy keeping the Peace One Earth hunt train on the tracks, she had no time for guest styling before Christmas, but what a few days here or there? My parents once got a Christmas card that arrived in July 18 years after it was mailed. It came with a note from the Canadian postal service explaining that it was discovered when a desk was pulled out so they could paint behind it. Which raises the question, which is worse, not painting for 18 years or painting around the desk and not pulling it out for 18 years? Of course, coming so late, that card got so much more attention than if it had come 18 years earlier with the rush of Christmas cards. Somehow I think, though, if Sequoia Nightfire had been the picture on the face of that card, it would have glowed right through the envelope and out from behind the desk so they saw it and pulled it out and mailed in on time.

Sequoia Nightfire_002

I mean look at that red! I thought about making a box and covering it with wrapping paper and having her pose as the bow! This magical red dress is from Sascha Frangilli of SAS – Sascha’s Designs. It is one of those see it to believe it dresses with the flowing panels of semi-sheer fabric that seems alive.
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With Love Hunting

Dec 19_006

If you are on a budget for your Christmas spending and still want a luscious, sexy ballgown, you should spend a little time on the With Love Hunt and search at Vogue – where this gorgeous black lace gown is hiding, waiting for you to find it. It’s a yummy formal gown good for any dressy occasion – well, except for a White Ball, and easy on the pocketbook.

Dec 19_001

Luscious, I say! Luscious!
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Passionate for Passionnement

The most important people in the fashion industry are not the designers, the models, the magazine editors or the bloggers. They all have roles that play a part in the industry, but the industry would not exist without the customers whose passion for fashion is the foundation and sustenance for the entire industry. Friend and blog reader, XiuLan Quan is one of those with that passion for fashion – so much so that she contacted me last night to urge me to feature a dress from A la Folie that she fell in love with – even offering to gift me with it. Instead I had a better idea and asked her to pop over where I was shooting and let me shoot her and feature the dress with her as guest stylist. The dress, which you can see here, is Passionnement from A la Folie – the brainchild of Pixivor Allen.

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Casual Friday:Sooooo, I Won This Hair……

posted by Gidge Uriza

Ok so I’m shopping at Little Heaven – THE SCARIEST SHOP ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH AND IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE ME GO TO THE DAMNED BASEMENT……..anyway, I walk into the hair section and VOILA! G! On the LUCKY CHAIR!

I hadn’t even rezzed enough to see WHAT was in said lucky chair for the WIN but hey. FREE HAIR!  I hopped in, collected my bootey and then hopped back up. Slapping on my new DELPHINE Hair…….I was greeted by tresses which would make Crystal Gale weep. Continue reading

Beach Bunneh – Thanks to the Designer Showcase Network

posted by Gidge Uriza

So Cajsa pulled me along with her to check out Miss Muffet who she was introduced to through the Designer Showcase Network. I still don’t belong……I guess I need to now that I actually know what it is. (Thanks for the link Cajsa, I was too lazy to go back through the feed  find it).

Besides picking up the sweet dollarbie I put on Freestyle today, I spied this across the room. I love the colors, so bright and summery and it COMES WITH THE BUNNEH! Continue reading

Jackie & The Shrimp

AvaGardner Kungler passed me a pair of dresses yesterday, both called Jackie. The black one is above and I am certain I need not identify who inspired the dresses.  I love that era’s clothing with the simple elegance typified by Jackie Kennedy.  I tried on the the black dress first, loved it and shot the photos for the blog before trying on the second – the Jackie Red which came as a surprise to be because although it was the same cut and style, it was a print – a fabulous pop print that immediately made me want to shoot it too. Not wanting to do the exact same thing twice, I decided to shoot a remix and post them together.

The skirt is from the original Kunglers Jackie dress. I added a sweater from Fleur and a belt from Ornamental Life. Jean Shrimpton was the super-model of the early 60’s. In face, she might rightfully be considered the first international SuperModel – preceding Twiggy by a few years. She was the face of pop fashion and so I decided to style this more for Jean Shrimpton – the Shrimp.

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Girlie Girl

I love the girlie girl outfits with full skirts and lots of lace – and this lovely Angel’s Kiss lace dress in brown delivers. There’s lace on the skirt, a lace sash, lace on the bodice, a lace ribon and a lace jacket with frothy lacy sleeves. It’s Lace-tastic!

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You do know how to whistle, don't you Steve?

You just put your lips together, and blow.

So, I totally owe the title for this post to Grady Echegaray from Strange Pixels who posted the quote in flickr’s comments on this photo.  She was reminded of that hot, hot scene from the movie To Have and Have Not. This look is definitely hot sultry 1940’s – though the individual inspiration is more Burlesque than Bacall.

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Treasure Hunting #3

I am wearing two treasure hunt finds now, the skin comes in pouch #15 and there are three skins in the set, with pink, purple and a multi-color (gold/green) makeup. I thought the pink for flattering for this dress, but was really intrigued by the makeup on the colors version. The dress is the gift in pouch #1 – a creamy moire satin with delicious jeweled details on the bodice and straps. I turned full bright off on the skirt prim to photograph it and will leave it off for wearing as I prefer my clothes to not be full bright, most of the time.

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I Met You On Somebody's Island

posted by Gidge Uriza

“You Thought You Had Known Me Before

I brought you a crate of Papaya

It waited all night by your door……..”

                   – Steve Miller

Oh my god did he really just say he brought over some papaya trying to make time with the ladies?

After shooting for a million hours the other night, I slipped into a cute new dress and Cajsa immediately said “Let’s shoot this one.”

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