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June 8th, 2024 – Groove is in the Heart

Featured :
Venge – Roxy face paint (Vintage Fair)
ALT3 – Cyrah skin (The Fifty)
Backstory – 70’s Retro Prints nails (Vintage Fair)
Banana Banshee – Velma eyes (Vintage Fair)
Exile – Cami hair (The Fifty)
SAS – Dahlia jumpsuit (Vintage Fair)

Others :
Maitreya – LaraX Petite body
LeLutka – Briannon head
Cult – Myla shoes

Arcade Is On The Horizon

The Arcade kicks off tomorrow and I’m exciting for the December round as always. There is something wonderful about this round each year, whether it’s the generous gifts the creators leave under the tree or just the amazing items to bring holiday spirit to our pixel homes. No matter what you love – there is a lot of it and more this time.

A NEW TO ME shop Moss and Mink has a gorgeous holiday set that features a PASTEL themed Christmas tree and decor pieces – you know it was a Gidgey MUST HAVE ITEM.  I’m pretty excited this are perfect in my bedroom. Continue reading

The Perfect Red

"All my life I've pursued the perfect red." —Diana Vreeland

Diana Vreeland once said she spent her entire life in search of the perfect red. She should have started at Sascha’s Designs where Sascha Fragelli has captured the perfect red in her Lush Red Dress for The Instruments from February 11th through the 25th. The dress comes with its own jewelry, heart-shaped hat and white boa, but I decided to go in another direction with Lelutka’s bolero in purple (it was a Christmas group gift). Something about red and purple is so lush and wild.
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Merry Christmas Sequoia Nightfire

Sequoia Nightfire_004

Sequoia Nightfire was so busy keeping the Peace One Earth hunt train on the tracks, she had no time for guest styling before Christmas, but what a few days here or there? My parents once got a Christmas card that arrived in July 18 years after it was mailed. It came with a note from the Canadian postal service explaining that it was discovered when a desk was pulled out so they could paint behind it. Which raises the question, which is worse, not painting for 18 years or painting around the desk and not pulling it out for 18 years? Of course, coming so late, that card got so much more attention than if it had come 18 years earlier with the rush of Christmas cards. Somehow I think, though, if Sequoia Nightfire had been the picture on the face of that card, it would have glowed right through the envelope and out from behind the desk so they saw it and pulled it out and mailed in on time.

Sequoia Nightfire_002

I mean look at that red! I thought about making a box and covering it with wrapping paper and having her pose as the bow! This magical red dress is from Sascha Frangilli of SAS – Sascha’s Designs. It is one of those see it to believe it dresses with the flowing panels of semi-sheer fabric that seems alive.
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The One Where I Prove I Don't HAVE To Wear Pink

posted by Gidge Uriza

I can also wear blue.

Pixie from Sascha’s Designs is a formal ball gown but don’t let the name fool you. While her skirts still dance beautifully for those of you with a ball room penchant – there is NOTHING small about them. I think I’m weaing the GRANDE FLEXI. It also comes with the BIG SUCKER skirt (I swear that’s the name, or something close)  and the “WHY YES CAPTAIN BUTLER I WILL DANCE WITH YOU” Battleship Skirt. Continue reading

It's Raining….On Prom Night….

posted by Gidge Uriza

It’s the SCD Prom tonight and I’ve chosen to wear Allure from Sascha’s Designs if for no other reason than I can change skirts about 52 times throughout the night. Ok, not 52. But several.

Shall We Dance?

Shall We Dance?

Coming with a cocktail length/tea length prim skirt, a shortie skirt, a long prim skirt, a short system skirt and a BATTLESHIP skirt – how can I resist? Continue reading

Memorial Day Weekend, I'll Be In The Hamptons

posted by Gidge Uriza

Ok that’s a lie. Memorial Day weekend I’ll be recovering from surgery. BUT – in my mind I’ll be relaxing with a mimosa on Buffy’s yacht while Chad sales out for a lobster bake on the beach.

Cuz,that’s how real people live -right? Continue reading

The Store I Lost

posted by Gidge Uriza

Once Upon a Time, Cajsa TP’d me into a store. It was fully of elegant, delicious ballgown-goodness. There were some fastastic dollarbies (piles of gowns from older releases for about 5L) and a neat viewer that rotated THROUGH was was in the freebie boxes so you could SEE them. I thought this was  a great touch – how often do you get home with a hideous freebie? This way, you only pick up the one you want.

And I BOUGHT one, this EXCELLENT GREEN GOWN! I had an event to wear it to. Continue reading

Ballgown Therapy

posted by Gidge Uriza

Know what you need sometimes? Sometimes you need your best friend to say “Let’s put on the biggest ballgowns we can find and be girly girls.”

Fortunately, in SL we have Sascha Frangilli to fill that need with some of the most spectacular and versatile ballgowns IN the metaverse. 

You see Cajsa and I in the same dress “IMOGEN” in pink and red (for Valentines WHOOT!) and we’re just showing you SOME of layering options that you’ve got with this gown. Want a great big battleship skirt? Want a smooth sleek look? Want a big puffy fur collar? No? All of these pieces and parts are just a few of the options you get for a really reasonable price for such a luscious dress. Continue reading