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Expectations 3 – High Expectations

This third look at how Sn@tch clothing passes beyond the Alternative label explores a fun mash-up that very editorial and high fashion. The basis is the Swirl & Swing outfit – a top and skirt outfit. I used just the skirt, though, opting to finally try out that Boudoir Black Lace Bodysuit that has been tempting me for the past month.

You could search the grid for a year and not find a better complement to the Boudoir bodysuit than Sn@tch’s fabulous Swirl and Swing skirt in black. The soft voile and lace over the opaque sculpty skirt has the perfect contrast to the lace so that it does not get lost – but also does not overwhelm. Sure a plain black skirt could work, but this is more interesting and more exciting. I love the William Morris-inspired print contrasting with the more baroque lace.

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Rocking It Old School

J’s Thigh High Boots are one of those can’t live without releases that just explode across the grid and everyone has them, wears them and looks rocking hot in them. Now, am not long enough in-world to actually remember the era when system boots were de riguer, but I have seen a few people call these old-school boots and if by old-school they mean high boots that fit, don’t bork when you walk and look hotter than cobra chili, well, give me old school. With it, I wore the lovely skirt and jacket from Doux Petit Dahl with a gorgeous mustard colored skirt that is made for fall. The off the shoulder jacket is delectable, though it did present some challenges in finding something to wear under it. Yes, I know, I could have worn nothing under it if I were not me.

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Jackie & The Shrimp

AvaGardner Kungler passed me a pair of dresses yesterday, both called Jackie. The black one is above and I am certain I need not identify who inspired the dresses.  I love that era’s clothing with the simple elegance typified by Jackie Kennedy.  I tried on the the black dress first, loved it and shot the photos for the blog before trying on the second – the Jackie Red which came as a surprise to be because although it was the same cut and style, it was a print – a fabulous pop print that immediately made me want to shoot it too. Not wanting to do the exact same thing twice, I decided to shoot a remix and post them together.

The skirt is from the original Kunglers Jackie dress. I added a sweater from Fleur and a belt from Ornamental Life. Jean Shrimpton was the super-model of the early 60’s. In face, she might rightfully be considered the first international SuperModel – preceding Twiggy by a few years. She was the face of pop fashion and so I decided to style this more for Jean Shrimpton – the Shrimp.

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There’s nothing quite as wonderful as a lovely beige silk pencil skirt with a subtle pattern to it.  It can be worn with nearly any color in the spectrum. Almost any kind of blouse will suit it. And if the pattern is subtle enough, you can even wear a blouse with a bit of pattern to it as in this black top from Kunglers Medusa pantsuit.  It has an art deco motif in black on black.  The motif would be more obvious except I chose to wear a cami underneath because I am a pixel prude. The cami is from Ornamental Life and would look great on its own.

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Ornamental Cleavage

posted by Gidge Uriza

Sometimes I don’t realize how smexy a shirt is. For instance, I bought this one solely to match this skin I picked up and thought, “this’ll be a great contrast.”

Ahem. Well, it’s obviously a beautiful sweater, rich in color great details.

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How can you mend a broken heart?

This top, skirt, belt and bangles are all from Ornamental Life. Shir Dryke of Ornamental Life needs help right now. A donor heart is being kept for her - in an act of amazing grace a family is keeping a man alive to give her a heart - if only we can all do our part, too, she could have a new chance at life.

I can think of younger days when living for my life
Was everything a man could want to do.
I could never see tomorrow, but I was never told about the sorrow.

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Living Ornamentally

Ah, the luxury that a Second Life provides us. Our avatars are always healthy and whole unless we choose to wear some skin with bruises, add a broken arm prim or sit in a wheelchair. We can even wear avatars with the chest open exposing our broken hearts. However, all these are optional and can be cast off with a quick right click of the mouse.  First life doesn’t give us that option.  If your heart is broken, it takes time and tears to heal. If it’s damaged, it can be replaced, but it takes much more than a mouse click. Now one of our own needs a new heart and everything is in place except the money.  It should instill all of us with a sense of urgency that only $2500 could save her life.   If 1000 people gave 650 lindens to one of the donation boxes in Second Life, a woman, someone whose work we see on the feeds, will get a Real Life Second Life. How cool is that?

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