I Met You On Somebody's Island

posted by Gidge Uriza

“You Thought You Had Known Me Before

I brought you a crate of Papaya

It waited all night by your door……..”

                   – Steve Miller

Oh my god did he really just say he brought over some papaya trying to make time with the ladies?

After shooting for a million hours the other night, I slipped into a cute new dress and Cajsa immediately said “Let’s shoot this one.”


I had planned to run the gauntlet of Freestyle slurls to pick up the latest goodies so had just chosen something casual to run about the world in. I adore this little gem I picked up at the <3 Cupcakes sale and for fun I broke out what I kind of think of as my REAL hair.

I own this particular hair color in every style they make it at FNKY.  I just adore it, and I never see anyone else wearing it so I’m always pleased with myself when I have it on. And yeah, owning it in every style means I’ve given them a lotta my lindens over the past year. 

This particular style is called Sugar and it comes with three lengths which gives it a lot of versatility for your casual styles. I’m wearing the shortest length here.

Fashion Details
Shape – 190 cm from Peppermint Blue
Skin – Lucy 03 Portrait Skin from Laqroki
Eyes – Purple Rain from FNKY
Hair – Sugar – SHORT – Tipped Leaf – Cake from FNKY
Dress – Bianca in green from <3 Cupcakes
Shoes – Lime green slingbacks from Juicy
Nails – Rogue from AE
Necklace – Love necklace from Alienbear – was a freebie on ONREZ – I can’t find it now 🙁


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