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Staying In…… in VoguE

If you plan on staying in, the Boudoir Collection at VoguE has a good selection to choose from for your “needs”.   And for mine… I chose Dracy.  Its mesh, but a see through chemise lets your gorgeous shape show through.

Dracy - Vogue

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New at VoguE

I got a notice yesterday about some newness at VoguE. I hadn’t been there in a while so I figured I’d pop over and take a look….. and there before me was some of the cutest summery lingerie. I just HAD to show you!

Vogue 1
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Winter Coat Love

1214_003While my family was very poor when I was growing up, I seldom felt the pinch of poverty. For one thing, the county I lived in was one of the poorest in the nation so a lot of people were poor. Even with the casinos that have opened since then, a quarter of the population still lives below the poverty level. Poverty is relative, so with so many other people being in the same boat, it was just the way things were.

My parents made a comfortable life for us despite poverty with hunting, gardening, fishing and making everything from soap to candles to clothing. Nearly everything was hand made   – even my hockey sticks and skis. And my winter coats.

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Halloween is such a fun holiday. We get to play dress-up and be a kid again. Of course we all have our favorite way of dressing up for the holiday – and for me, it’s glam, of course. The perfect Glam-O-Ween dress is from VoguE – where Halloween has resulted in three special outfits and 2 Halloween hats, one with a skeletal hand and this spider web hat.

Growing up in state where mosquitoes can gather so thickly they look like a smudge cloud on the horizon, I am fond of spiders and their hard and constant mosquito-eating efforts. There’s nothing quite so beautiful as a spider web damp with morning dew when struck by sunlight. So yes, a spider-web dress is going to be gorgeous and this one from VoguE is a stunner.

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For if our cause was unjust
We couldn’t bring this funk to you.
So we feel that it’s a must
It is something we should do


Let me take you by the hand
And spread the funk across the land
It’s not hard to understand
Heading for the master plan…


Pardon me, but I can tell
We know each other very well
Take my funk and let it grow
And then we’ll funk some more

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A Walk In the Woods

One of the best things about growing up where I did was the 3.5 mile walk from the school bus stop to my house. Granted, I did not always appreciate that walk, particularly if it was raining and muddy or bitterly cold. But I often cut a mile or so off the walk by cutting through the woods. The trail I walked was made by deer, so it was not quite so wide as this one, but it was pretty clear considering deer don’t use bulldozers. There is a kind of quiet in the woods that is different from the quiet of walking down the road – even though there is no traffic on the road. Your footsteps are muffled by the soft humus of the ground, the wind is muffled by the trees and time seems to stand still. This little stretch of road through the woods at Miniascape reminds me so much of that quiet stillness.
I am feeling delightfully and romantically feminine today with the floral skirt from Baiastice – just released for The Liaison Collaborative and the sheer lace top from Vogue. Both items were just released and seem to have been made for each other, even though they were not. I decided to shoot this front and back because the top, being sheer, has no alpha and wanted to assure readers that the fit is perfection.
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The Carnival Trope


I went to Carneval last night, staying up until 4 A.M. exploring the amazing sim. MadPea has designed so many of my favorite sims and this one is perhaps his most stunning yet. Colored in a restrained black and white palette with touches of blood red here and there, the duotone colors make it so very dramatic and allows your windlight settings to paint the scene for you. This picture was shot in the specified region wind light which gave it an eerie desaturated gloom. The spooky, abandoned amusement park is a familiar trope, but MadPea takes the familiar and gives it new life. There is a KAOS effect ride which makes me wonder if it was inspired by the Get Smart episode where Max and Agent 99 went to the KAOS Amusement Park.


I dressed in this chic coat and skirt from VoguE, though from prior experience with MadPea’s mad creations, I should perhaps have known better. If you have not enjoyed a MadPea experience, you have been missing some of the best that Second Life has to offer.  Combining rich, detailed textures and meticulous builds, MadPea creates places to play, to interact, to explore. Oddly enough, WordPress just autocorrected explore to expire – an ironic and macabre recognition of the world of MadPea.

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The Rose Theater


A trip to Second Life’s® Rose Theater requires a gown worthy of the venue and this recent release from VoguE Fashion is in all ways worthy. It has the regal red, black and gold colors, rich and strong colors that for centuries have signified formal elegance. The gown has a rich brocade band marking the chevroned drop waist and a bodice of red glass beans embellished with gold threads. Even the lush shoulder fur is dusted with gold. My jewelry from Donna Flora for My Second Box is just a regal and rich and the topaz gems are huge.

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