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Creator, Preserver & Destroyer

Annyka Bekkers just does the most stunning work. So stunning, she actually got me into a shirt with a picture on it. I love prints and all, but abstract and geometric prints – not representational. So it takes something really special to make me want to wear it. However, this shirt of Devi, the Great Goddess – the trinity of Creator, Preserver and Destroyer did the trick.  I love the colors, I love the artwork and how it is not lost in the expansion and contraction of the fabric over the shape. That is quality texture work, something that you can depend on with anything from Blowpop.

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Quick Look: Mr. Poet

I love this sweater. I have one like it in RL and it’s so warm and cozy. It’s my go-to-sweater for those fall events when the weather is just cool enough to need something, but not cold enough for a coat. It’s thick enough that I can wear it in the Oregon rain without getting wet. You don’t get wet when it rains all day and accumulates 2/hundredths of an inch, so it keeps me warm, dry and cozy. Now I have the perfect sweater for visiting those misty, rainy sims.

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Contrary Me

So I got a IM to e-mail from Micah Kanto the other day alerting me that his marvelous Modern Gypsy was back open again after its renovation. Not just open, but open with a brand new spring collection.  Sadly I was at work and had to wait on tenterhooks all day before rushing home, logging in and checking it out. I was not disappointed. You saw the first of my purchases the other day – a bright purple retro print dress. This outfit though is the one that made me smile. It’s called Couture Suit (Male) and I think it is for men in that it’s man-sized and prim editing was a bit tricky since they were set not to be modifiable. Sometimes, however,  only the conglomerate is not modifiable and the individual components can be modified. By selecting individual prims in the belt, for example, I was able to resize it a bit smaller.  I didn’t resize anything else, though. The thing is, I love the silhouette with the huge shoulders and sweeping flare on the jacket, the bright bold silver fabric. It’s not for the faint of heart.

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Purple for St. Urho

I am wearing another belated St. Urho’s Day outfit. If you’re confused, see the previous post that explains this now-international holiday that began as a prank – a tall tale invented holiday that has spread across America and back to Finland. This dress is from Ivalde – called Enya. Hmmmm…should I have gotten it in green and worn it yesterday? Well, for the drinking, dancing and purple libations of St. Urho’s it’s perfect – especially for the dancing. The skirt is magnificent.

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Colors: Kairo and Curio

Another day, another Gala skin from Curio. This one is Gleam, in the Classic skin tone. It’s a fresh, gleaming makeup with colorful lips and a lovely blush – perfect for a colorful summer outfit like ALB Dream Fashion’s Kairo.

With it I am wearing the adorable Naturalist necklace from Swallowtail and a lovely flower in my hair, also from Swallowtail. Again, you can see how the boldness of Swallowtail is powerful enough for the vibrancy of Annalee Balut’s brilliant textures. This dress has three skirt options – all very different. They are pictured after the cut.

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Treasure Hunting #3

I am wearing two treasure hunt finds now, the skin comes in pouch #15 and there are three skins in the set, with pink, purple and a multi-color (gold/green) makeup. I thought the pink for flattering for this dress, but was really intrigued by the makeup on the colors version. The dress is the gift in pouch #1 – a creamy moire satin with delicious jeweled details on the bodice and straps. I turned full bright off on the skirt prim to photograph it and will leave it off for wearing as I prefer my clothes to not be full bright, most of the time.

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