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Am I blue?

Yes, blue only in the fabric though, not in spirit. How can you feel blue when you’re wearing something this gorgeous. This is the Wanda dress from Kunglers Couture and it’s as luscious and lovely as they come.  I adore the spray of lilies on the bodice. This called for some special hair so I pulled out the Jane with feathers from Sparkle Skye and then tinted the black feathers blue to match the gown.

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Jealous Much?

posted by Gidge Uriza

My recent drop by the DSN was a gorgeous smexy baby-doll nighty from JEALOUSY whose main-store I have yet to find. I went to the LM I had but it said they’d moved, and then I tried to get the new LM giver to give me one but it wouldn’t soooooo, I’m assuming they’ve moved and I will find them soon.

Delicately sexy, but definitely something for alone time OR time with someone you know VERY well ( or are intending to know well in very short order), the Booty Baby-doll has sleek styling and opaque texture while being JUST a bit revealing. (You gotta look CLOSE) Continue reading

Bold in Baiastice

I always love a good system skirt like the one with this dress from Baiastice. Sadly, many women avoid them becuase they don’t know how to adjust their shape so they think system skirts give them balloon butts. Well, technically, I guess system skirts do give you balloon butt, but if you shrink your butt before hand, it’s no biggie. I want to mention this because there’s a great tutorial over at What the Fug? If you avoid system skirts because of butt balloonery, head over there right now!!

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Beauty Avatar’s Blogger Appreciation gift came in one of my favorite colors – peach. Such a wise choice as it’s one of the colors that suit any complexion and so would look good on all the bloggers who received it. Though to doubly assure that, they tossed in a lovely peachy skin of their own.

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Beach Bunneh – Thanks to the Designer Showcase Network

posted by Gidge Uriza

So Cajsa pulled me along with her to check out Miss Muffet who she was introduced to through the Designer Showcase Network. I still don’t belong……I guess I need to now that I actually know what it is. (Thanks for the link Cajsa, I was too lazy to go back through the feed  find it).

Besides picking up the sweet dollarbie I put on Freestyle today, I spied this across the room. I love the colors, so bright and summery and it COMES WITH THE BUNNEH! Continue reading

Designer Showcase Network, Part 2

Here is another example of the Designer Showcase Network at work – reminding me of a store I already know and showing me something new. It’s been a few months since I have visited Elate and this item from the  Designer Showcase Network reminded me that I like Elate’s design sensibility and inventiveness.  Most of what I have seen from there has been brighter than this subtle and reflective skirt and blouse – and seeing this new mood in Elate’s designs is exciting.  This morning’s example was the DSN introducing me to a completely new designer, this afternoon nudging my memory and showing a different side of a known store. I look forward to the growth and expansion of the DSN and don’t forget to check out the web site because it explains the effort made to make sure designers all reach the same number of people and that participants receive new items, from different stores. Continue reading