Passionate for Passionnement

The most important people in the fashion industry are not the designers, the models, the magazine editors or the bloggers. They all have roles that play a part in the industry, but the industry would not exist without the customers whose passion for fashion is the foundation and sustenance for the entire industry. Friend and blog reader, XiuLan Quan is one of those with that passion for fashion – so much so that she contacted me last night to urge me to feature a dress from A la Folie that she fell in love with – even offering to gift me with it. Instead I had a better idea and asked her to pop over where I was shooting and let me shoot her and feature the dress with her as guest stylist. The dress, which you can see here, is Passionnement from A la Folie – the brainchild of Pixivor Allen.

Serendipity must have been at work because when XiuLan teleported in to the SL Botanical Gardens where I had just snapped the last pic of another shoot, her gown was perfect for that venue. Wearing summery sheer cotton lawn with floral embroidery – XiuLan was the embodiment of the country garden I was shooting. I was using Essential Soul’s PoseAnywhere HUD, so it was a snap to switch from posing me to posing XiuLan. Arcadia Nightfire did a review of the pose hud that convinced me it was the photographer’s ultimate essential gadget, so it aptly named.

The embroidery details at the bodice and waist and the lovely dramatic hat festooned with flowers are the stuff of romance and dreams. The subtly sheer bodice is softly sensual, but with an innocent femininity that trumps the obvious any day of the week.

This is a dress for dreamers. For lovely walks through richly scented gardens arm in arm with a flirtatious companion. For dancing on a moonlit night heady with the rich aroma of flowers and beewax. It is spring personified by fashion.

XiuLan completed her look with a necklace from Alienbear named Agnes. I have no idea if it’s so, but I would like to think it’s named for Agnes Finney of My Precious. It has the feminine grace that is the hallmark of Agnes Finney’s designs.

***STYLE NOTES******
There are no promotional items in this outfit.

  • Poses: Behavior Body using Essential Soul Studios PoseAnywhere HUD
  • Skin: Harlot Sunkissed fresh dark brow
  • Eyes: Exotic Asian Beauty Black
  • Hair: Truth Emme Espresso
  • Dress: Alafolie Passionnement
  • Shoes: Alafolie
  • Jewelry: Alienbear Agnes

3 thoughts on “Passionate for Passionnement

  1. EnCore Mayne

    hitting all the highs love. thanks for the link to the hud. just had an idea. if your background/model seem to blend too much (ie. dark hair, dark background) throw a semi transparent prim into the frame between model and background. it’ll give you a muted tonality to the background. play around with the transparency to get the effect you want.

  2. Victoria Sabra

    The last thing I need is another place to suck up all my Linden, but after I saw this post I just HAD to go to A La Folie. GORGEOUS stuff here. I hope you get a commission. 😀

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