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There Is Nothing Frivolous About Shoes


Shoetopia is literally shoe heaven.

Shoetopia will be opening soon. Just two more days until the fashionistas of Second Life® can descend on shoe lover’s heaven, literally so as the build is itself heavenly. A brief bloggers preview run through tells me that folks will be thrilled with the variety, creativity and quality of shoes and that the most difficult aspect of Shoetopia will be deciding what to buy.

Some people love to make fun of people’s love of shoes, as though it is somehow decadent to enthuse over that fusion of art and engineering, but while shoes can be and often are extravagant indulgences for some, they are also the most important article of clothing there is.

Most of us are lucky enough to have shoes for many functions, daywear for work, formal dress shoes for special occasions, work shoes to protect us from harm while gardening or chopping wood, boots and galoshes for cold and rain, and even specialized athletic shoes for different activities.  Not all people are so lucky. In a working class family, they may buy one pair of new shoes for the school year – and hope no one grows too quickly. I grew up in a such a family and know very well the dilemma of choosing one pair that must be strong and hardy enough for the year. Those shoes are never delicate and dainty. Loafers, saddleshoes, oxfords, those last a year. Mary Janes? Not so much.

My parents never encouraged me to go barefoot to save on shoes in the summer. A good thing, since many kids get hookworm from walking around barefoot. On top of the risk of broken glass, sharp objects and hot burning tar on the road, parasites are a serious health hazard for those who go barefoot. Soles4Souls is a charity aimed at making sure people have the shoes they need to protect them and help them lead a healthier, safer life. Kids cannot go to school without shoes – so they are also important to reducing poverty. This is a critical, and often neglected, charitable need and Shoetopia aims to raise funds to donate to Soles4Souls efforts.


I love this sleek modern sheath from CIA Designs.

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Cats and Whimsy



I fell for the whimsical dress from CIA Designs that is on sale at Love Donna Flora as soon as I saw those cats peeking over the black line. I love polka dots in the first place and polka dots and cats and this entire feeling of fun and whimsy is charming.



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Call Me…With Love


A gorgeous sweater dress like this Argyle Plaid dress from CIA for FAIR can garner a lot of calls and compliments. Hugging the figure, it highlights your curves with a sleek and chic shape. The bold pink in the Argyle makes it young and modern as dose the outsize pattern of the plaid. I added a fun and frisky little clutch from Just Design for the With Love hunt that starts on Friday. Covered in hearts of every shade of pink and red, it’s sure to win your heart if you can find it.

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With Love Hunting

Dec 19_006

If you are on a budget for your Christmas spending and still want a luscious, sexy ballgown, you should spend a little time on the With Love Hunt and search at Vogue – where this gorgeous black lace gown is hiding, waiting for you to find it. It’s a yummy formal gown good for any dressy occasion – well, except for a White Ball, and easy on the pocketbook.

Dec 19_001

Luscious, I say! Luscious!
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Children of the Night


Late at night
When the world is safe within their dreams
I walk the shadows

Late at night
An empty feeling creeps within my soul
I feel so lonely


So I go into the darkness of the night
All alone I walk the streets until I find
Someone who is just like me
Looking for some company

Children of the night
Late at night

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Gidge and I did a bit of shopping yesterday morning with running stops at Fifty Linden Friday stores and ending at Collabor88 where we both felt like doofuses when we saw the second building full of items. I said, “How many times have I come here and never noticed there were two buildings? What a dork!” and Gidge, like me, said, “I never noticed it either.” While we both pondered what wonderful creations we may have missed in our neglectful visits in past months, we busily ran around picking stuff up. Of course, later we learned that it’s just this month that there’s the second build and we have not been missing out on half the collection every month! That makes me feel better. I saw a couch and Christmas tree there that I absolutely adored and wanted so much and for only 88 lindens I thought i could splurge – even though I don’t have a house to decorate. So I put it in my little photobox and slapped on a couple textures from Distressed Textures to make it look like i have a house and voila, there it is! There are five sits on the couch and three on the floor with a nice mix of feminine and masculine poses.


This tree made me laugh. It reminded me so much of this fabulous dried tree branch I used to have that I painted white and potted in a vase with some cement. It arched over my couch at a nice safe height, just high enough to not snag your hair even in an updo. I left it mostly plain except for a few epiphytes, but at Christmas would string it with white lights. I loved it, unfortunately, so did the dog my former roommate babysat for her boyfriend. In the epic battle of dead tree versus 185 pound rottweiler, the tree lost.
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Eek! I am frightened! I must emote!


Peatonville Asylum is a scary place even wearing such a perfect little top and sweater as this. The top may be familiar to you as it conquered the grid, the metaverse and the galaxies of Gallafrey when it was released earlier this year. The sweater, on the other hand, will be released into the wild by Wynter for the Peace on Earth hunt starting on Dec. 3rd. At such a scary place, a person might expect to look a bit frightened, which is assisted by a recent discovery on Marketplace – a freebie that belongs in every photographer’s pocket.


You see, not only does it allow me to choose the typical emotes, but it also gives me control of my eyes and my hands. The skirt, by the way, is also from the Peace on Earth hunt – from CIA. It comes with a luscious ruffled top, but the top plunges like a rollar coaster which made it just a bit dressy for the look I wanted.

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Fall walked in without knocking


Fall walked in the door the other day and it didn’t even knock. There I was all hot and bothered the day before and then the rain came and the chill air of autumn walked right in. I knew it was coming. It sent a postcard a couple weeks ago, but still, I think it should have knocked. I loved Autumn in Minnesota when the leaves turned with the bright lemon-lime of the birches, the fiery oranges of the maples and white oaks, the rich reds of the sugar maples and the jeweled garnet of the sumacs. I loved the crunch of the leaves on the deer paths snaking through the woods and the flashes of color among the white birches. Here in Oregon, autumn brings back the rain and the leaves are too damp for crunching or for rolling about it. The color palette is more yellow and green than the technicolor palette of Minnesota, but still there’s the welcome relief from heat and the richness of the fall harvest to sweeten the transition. Hankering for some real fall foliage, though, I set out for Salt Flats, the home of Zigana, a delightful home decor and texture store, where the fall foliage reminded me of my childhood tramps through the woods. Thankfully there is a path, because the heels on those gorgeous ankle boots from Paper Couture are not made for tramping.
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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.18


The final day of Modavia Fashion Week opened with the Dutch design house CIA from Ayla Strading in a joint presentation with Joy Laperriere of SHI. I am new to CIA and am thrilled with the introduction. I love the bright, saturated colors and definitely plan to pick up at least that black top with the floral embroidery.
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