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Where were you when I needed you?

Remember me writing about my indecision, my running around from sim to sim, all in the effort to find a costume for MDR’s Midsummer Night’s Dream party?  That was just last Friday – but lo, what should appear in my notices window last evening?

It is not that it’s an outfit from Annalee Balut, one of my favorite designers. Or that that outfit is free for the month of August. It is that the name of this outfit is Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.  So, i have to ask, Where were you when I needed you? Continue reading

Treasure Hunting #3

I am wearing two treasure hunt finds now, the skin comes in pouch #15 and there are three skins in the set, with pink, purple and a multi-color (gold/green) makeup. I thought the pink for flattering for this dress, but was really intrigued by the makeup on the colors version. The dress is the gift in pouch #1 – a creamy moire satin with delicious jeweled details on the bodice and straps. I turned full bright off on the skirt prim to photograph it and will leave it off for wearing as I prefer my clothes to not be full bright, most of the time.

Continue reading

I Ain't No Holla Back Girl

posted by Gidge Uriza

Miffy was horrified that I had been in SL over a year and only owned on proper set of boots. So when she gave me these – I knew I had to rock a fun outfit to go with. Something MAD MAX vs. spoiled Diva was what I was going for.

Digit Darkes had a L$1 sale on a hidden item, the Piper shirt and it was an incredible find.  Some designers do separates well, some do full outfits, but Digit does both and it’s so much fun to pick up a new piece and see what you can do with it. Continue reading

Back to Black

posted by Gidge Uriza
When I met Sable Heartsdale, I knew right away she’d find her niche in SL and be a boon to anyone she worked with. She was MY boon for a short time when she was my assistant manager. Since the dissolution of that team she’s gone on to manage and now co-own the Royale Elite Gentleman’s Club .

I wanted to pop over and check out her new place but couldn’t decide what to wear. I hadn’t pulled out this sweet little prim-skirted dress from Honey Soul yet so I thought why not – it’s understated but club-kicky-fun (is that a word? No, probably not). I LOVE the detail at the straps – really sets it apart from your generic prim-skirt dress doens’t it? Continue reading