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Lybra at GEN-Neutral

Stone walls do not a prison make, Nor iron bars a cage

GEN-Neutral is open again with several great creations. The remit for GEN-Neutral designs is to produce gender neutral designs. Things that appeal to both men and women, that can be worn by both men and women. How that is being interpreted varies. There’s a fair number of unisex items such a jeans and tee shirts. There are also several poses, decor and furnishing. All of which tells me that there is a struggle recruiting clothing designers who can get a handle on the idea of multi-gender design over unisex design.One artist who did not struggle, though, was Lybra Rage. She produced leggings and tops that men and women can proudly and beautifully wear.
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Wee Little Me


I stopped by at Avatar Games this morning and got to feel like a wee little tyke. The back wheel of the velocipede dwarfs my avatar.


Luckily I was dressed in some casual clothing suitable for climbing mountains of books. The casual tank is from Pink Outfitters. I was tempted by the cuteness of this purse from MiaMai for The Critter Society arcade. With pandas, fox, raccoons and other critters in a rainbow of colors, even the Grinch would find one to tease out a smile.

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Vox clamantis in deserto


One of the reasons MadPea’s Carneval is so successful is the sound. With ominous mutterings, sussurating winds and voices crying out the sound adds to the atmosphere and adds the element of surprise that can startle one. They are not technically crying in the wilderness, but I am taking liberties with language today. I was well-prepared for the cold, blowing winds of the Carneval with my new Winter hair from Truth, complete with a winter scarf that changes color using a HUD.


I was not prepared for the ghostly shadows that appeared suddenly out of nowhere. I reacted with alarm, but I think the ghost was scared away by color. After all, his world is all black and white and there I was in a riot of pink from, oddly enough, Pink Outfitters. The lovely striped Lulu tube skirt comes in a rainbow of colors as does the Victoria lace jumper I wore with it.

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If you have not snapped your holiday pictures yet…

Where to Shoot Holiday Pictures

Aren’t these Leith boots from Schadenfreude hot? You can find them at Collabor88 and if I had been smarter, I would have bought the fat pack.

If you have not snapped you holiday pictures yet, you could not do better than heading over to Wishing Well where Incendia Outdoors has created dozens of scenes perfect for holiday pictures. This is a snap in front of the fire, for all you know I could be roasting chestnuts.

Where to Shoot Holiday Pictures

You can even take a sleigh ride to tour the scenes before deciding where and what you want to shoot.

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The Great Wall of China


I visted the Great Wall of China during my first month in Second Life five years ago and it was always a wonderful place to go. That’s why I was sad to read that it and three companion sims owned by Amiryu Hosoi may be forced to close. Please stop by and drop off a donation in the box at the landing point and don’t forget to shop at her store, Hosoi Design, if you’re looking for Japanese furnishings, prefabs and decor.

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The First Time I Ran Away


I am mixing mesh pants with a system sweater and sculpts, assured that the system top with be firmly tucked in to my pants waist band. This sweater is from The Sea Hole and has a gorgeous teal and brown crocheted lace insert down the front. It comes with a rounded neckline. With all embellishment on the front, I did not want to add a necklace and decided to add this lovely brown collar scarf from The Secret Store.

The first time I ran away I saw
Faces in the dreams I heard
Voices in the storm they say
Uh, uh,… water falls
Uh, uh
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The Grasslands

Noweeta Grassland

I spent far too much shopping this weekend with so many new releases and events that I decided to take a break and go for a walk at the fabulous Noweeto Grasslands. I thought the lizard tote from Celoe would love to go for a walk with me.

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I have no title, but today is just the day and is that lightbulb out? Meanwhile, the weekend awaits.

Meshed up

Sometimes I have my pictures shot and everything ready to post and I paste in the bit of code from Flickr® for my first picture and come to a dead stop, tripped up by lack of a title or any sort of idea for the post. It’s then that I envy those bloggers who started out numbering their posts. I could just call this 1643 and be done with it. Instead, though, I resorted to that best of all places for help, advice and suggestions, the much-maligned world of Plurk. Within minutes I had plenty of ideas. I think the first idea was to let my cat choose my title.

Plurk is sort of like Twitter in that it is based on 140 character plurks of information, but unlike twitter, all responses hang into a single plurk drop-down window on your timeline. It has a large contingent of Second Life users and unlike so many other social media, embraces Second Life exuberantly. You can have your pseudonymous avatar account, no questions asked. You can even list your home as Second Life and Second Life has its own special front page. Because it has such a large cross-section of Second Life, it brings people from many different walks of SLife together. Anytime you have lots of people in the public square, folks will bump shoulders and have a dispute here and there. That’s human nature and is not caused by Plurk, but by the gravitational pull of the numbers of participants. However, Plurk provides all the tools we need to avoid conflict. It’s just that we choose not to mute, block and disregard. As Cassius said, “The fault, Dear Brutus, is not in the stars. But in ourselves…” Plurk is what you make it and I have found it a wonderful community of brave, bold and creative people.
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Lost in the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth of Absurdity

I had a lot of fun in Second Life yesterday. I went to the Kamera Klub event at The Velvet where a bunch of folks dressed up as The Cramps and The Beatles for a two hour pose-off (Gidge did the poses as Status was an event sponsor) and musical duel and where I got a couple lovely compliments on this dress and jacket combo from Baiastice. Then I rushed off to the Labyrinth of Absurdity where I shot these blog photos. It’s an amazing spot and I will return to shoot there again as there are several installations, this one with my friend on the swing here being only one.

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Feeling Drowsy


I have been feeling drowsy lately, especially this morning. So why not make a stop at the Drowsy sim so I can indulge in complete drowsiness? That’s what I did and found the perfect setting to highlight the fabulous peridot dress from The Sea Hole at Collabor88.

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