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Am I Blue?

This lovely dress from Lelutka is called Cai and it’s an extraordinary mix  of dead sexy revelation with high fashion elegance.  The sheer fabric on the torso is one we see too frequently used to create rather vulgar and pedestrian outfits that litter the grid. Here, though, it’s clear the designer knows that less is more when it comes to exposure. So you have this lovely revelation of the torso that does not stray too low or too high. The erotic is in the mind and involves anticipation and imagination – and so when clothing hints but does not show too much, it’s dead sexy.

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I've Got a Little List

However, unlike the Executioner, this is not a list of those who won’t be missed. In fact, it’s a list of stores some fellow plurkers thought have been missed. So…. list in hand I went off shopping and found some real treasures – and believe me, I will go back to those stores in the future. I used some items from that shopping trip to pull together this fun outfit including the truly magnificent plaid pants, or should I say pantz, from Nomine. I added an old blouse from Street Magic and a waistcoat that was sent to me by Ayumi back in May but that I didn’t even notice until last night – a sad reflection on the state of my inventory.

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Quick Look: Maple

So I looking for Untone Quilt at an old SLurl, I happened on Maple where real life creations are brought into second life – and the photo of the original is shown so you can see how well the design has been translated. Honestly? I think I like the Second Life versions best.  Here are three lively and fun print blouses from Maple.

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