Dress Me Up: Cajsa by TearSong

TearSong Vaughan suggested I raid Rebel Xtravaganza and it must have been fate, because no sooner did I go to Rebel Xtravaganza than I noticed a lucky chair hiding under the stairs. I have been there a dozen times and this is the first time I noticed that lucky chair and even better, the lucky letter was C. Even better the prize included the exact two items TearSong asked for in her brief.

May I suggest the mellow skirt and winterproof sweater from Rebel Xtravaganza? 🙂 You can pick which color 😉 Maybe combined with a pair of funky leggings and large boots.

Who am I to argue with karmic coincidence on that scale. So here you have the winterproof sweater and mellow skirt in a special Christmas edition and only available in the lucky chair. And to make the lucky chair even more prescient, the funky stockings also come with the prize.  Who could ask for anything more?

Clearly, TearSong’s suggestions should be taken with an Aye-Aye, Cap’n sort of hustle, after all karma is on her side. And…since I got these Shiny Things Ribbon boots for an earlier Dress Me Up challenge, the only thing I had to buy for this look was the hair.

I saw this hat at Gritty Kitty earlier, so I popped back and agot it. I thought it had the sort of insouciant rebelliousness that would suit Rebel Xtravaganza’s great holiday outfit. I tinted it a bit to give in a Christmas green tone and added the Fleur Allure Winter 3 skin.
Challenger: Tearsong VAughn
****STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses:  STriking Poses
  • Skin: Fleur Allure Winter 3
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Hair: Gritty Kitty Miyavi
  • Top  Rebel Xtravaganza Winterproof Xmas Sweater
  • Skirt Rebel Xtravaganza Mellow Xmas Skirt
  • Socks: Rebel Xtravaganza Snowflake Sheer Socks
  • Boots: Shiny Things Glossy Ribbon Boots
  • Jewelry: Street Magic Christmas Fae Earrings

6 thoughts on “Dress Me Up: Cajsa by TearSong

  1. Rouge Darcy

    Glad you managed to win it on the first visit 😀

    I had to look up “insouciant” in the dictionary (well, english is not my first language :))… I like that definition, do I have to pay you the rights to use it? 😀

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