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Falling Into Suits

I wasn’t ready for fall weather and heavy clothes until I returned from a trip to frost warnings. BRING ON THE SUITS.

Baiastice has released a gorgeous new set of separates that magically work together as a suit. She’s taken care that layering is a snap with her alphas and the cut of the garments. Which is a nice change. Continue reading

Spooky Elegant

Ison has released an elegant lace bodiced gown for Collabor88 that’s perfect for nicer Halloween/Fall events. It’s richly textured and you can imagine how heavy it would be once you put it on. I love a gorgeously made gown, and this one is perfect – I wonder where I can wear it?

I’ve been playing with projectors and have released one as a group gift at PRETENSE POSES. You can touch the subscribo to pick it up. As with all projectors, you’ll need shadows for sun/moon + projectors enabled and a nice dark windlight to see it properly.

You can hop this ride to slap the subscribo and pick it up. There was a technical difficulty with my subscriber this weekend so if you touched it and didn’t get it,just let me know! Continue reading

Pointy Hats Off To The Wizarding Faire

I finally made it to the Wizarding Faire this morning. I wanted two very specific things at the event, as I’m not a wand using/Harry Potter reading/cape wearer sort, I had planned a really limited amount of time to get in and get out.

Props to the builders, when you land you can touch a picture to get a map that details exactly where each creator’s items are. It’s built as an alley of shops (Harry Potter? I don’t know) and each creator is located with a small group in each one. It took me a minute to figure out how to get out of the landing zone – you have to touch a wall of rocks when then opens into the alley. There are words that say TOUCH HERE – but my camera wasn’t set high enough to see them initially.

When I got about the first area of shops – I got caught in the familiar lag soup. And this is where I also want to send out a HUGE set of props to the builders and even organizers- because I mentioned on plurk that I was having trouble and boom hello folks were there to see what was going on.

Being concerned about people’s shopping experience is amazing and really appreciated.  Continue reading


I promised you more ARCADE GACHA preview and well, here we go. Both Exile and Belleza have news at the ARCADE this round. Belleza has three RARE skins – one for each of the more prominent hair colors – blonde, red or dark brown/black (LOURDES I FEEL CERTAIN THAT THE DARK BROWN BROWS WILL WORK WITH BLACK NO REALLY I DO!) Continue reading

The Arcade Previews Have Begun! How About – BELLEZA?

Belleza has a ton of tones and looks in their new skin LEILA out at the Arcade this round and I’m excited to bring you a preview. This is LEILA 6 and she’s COMMON – not rare, but man I love the lipstick.

I always think skin is one of THE BEST gacha pick ups – it’s a SKIN for goodness sakes. That’s like gold especially to a blogger!

Belleza’s rares are designed to fit our various hair colors and I’ll show them to you later but I had to show you this gorgeous pink lipstick! Now I need to go put some on in RL and run off.

Gidge Is Wearing:

Hair: TRUTH – Elain – Light Blonde
Skin: BELLEZA – Leila 6 for the Arcade – Common but beautiful 🙂
Lashes: Ammaci
Eyes: Nomine
Beauty Mark: PXL Creations

Clef de Peau

Cajsa had on a skin the other day that took my breath away, and with over 5 years at this blogging hobby, that’s not an easy task. It was pretty understandable, when I found out that it was created by none other than Marcopol Oh, the amazing photographer whose keen eye for beauty has astounded folks on FLICKR for some time.

The skin has so many options for customization it boggles the mind. Makeups, beauty marks, lashes, freckles, cleavage, plus the requisite SLINK huds (good job new skinner).

This is default lighting on my platform so you can see the skin in regular light.

I can’t wait to dig into this box and try more options.

Those of you who are always looking for a new look that isn’t “the same”, this one is for you.  Cajsa blogged everything and then some previously. As you can see, even between she and I this skin has a very different look.

Gidge Is Wearing:
Beauty Mark: [PXL] Beauty Mark POS5 Dark DX
Lashes: Clef de Peau::Julia::Lashes Enhancer (Bottom)
Eye Makeup: Clef de Peau::Julia::Cocktail Make up 1 w/Lashes
Blush: Clef de Peau::Julia::Blush Nude T3
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Giselle Mesh Hair – Rye
Studio: VR Studio
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: Clef de Peau::Julia::Vanilla Base Blonde
Eyes: Nomine Stained Eyes – blue light



I Said You Know You Wanna Come Over, Loki Is Here

I got comfy new SLINK add on shoes from LVLE – called OLIVIA this weekend, and decided it was a perfect day to take them on a stroll around the grid. I decided to just surf around and see what was going on. I found the Fantasy Gacha which looked innocuous at first.

Although there was no one working this food cart, I was a bit hungry, so that made me sad. However, I ventured onward. Continue reading

A Summer Dress for FLF -It’s NOT TOO LATE!

I’ve been ready for the weekend every since this morning, because DCNY released an adorable summer dress for FLF and it’s going to be available in other colors for regular price starting tomorrow I’m guessing. It’s NOT too late to grab it though for 50L! Continue reading

War and Cakes

I invited Gogolita over to play WAR and eat cakes last night. The Liason Collaborative’s THE GARDEN is opening up today and Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil has released a Vintage Diner style kitchenette that’s adorable. Continue reading

Swimming In Mitosis

I wandered over to LEA6 this morning, because I didn’t know what to shoot. When in doubt, LEA sims will always provide some inspiration and things to think about. This build is called Mitosis.

It tells you what it’s all about, there are three levels that represent various things in your existence. You fly up to the second two levels to experience those works. I’d tell you more about it, but these depths are better plumbed by Hybie, Honour or Acha. As for me, I’m wearing a cute suit. Continue reading