The One Where I Do The Happy Dance

Posted by Gidge Uriza


I’m doing the happy dance. I’m seriously doing a dance of joy and this was the best way to show you. WHY? WHY?

Well, it all started like this, first I popped into Fleur cuz she’s got all her skins 1/2 price and I like her boutique skins – she’s got some pretty faces and I wanted to take a long gander at what she had just to see if there were any I needed. (cough, cough).

While I’m there studying face by face…I just notice she’s got a freebie up on the wall. And I say, SELF – I wonder what is IN that freebie? I check it’s contents and it’s several skins I HAVE….but it’s also a nice assortment for “newbies” of her Vivant skins which I had never tried.  A range of tones, etc.

So I think JACKPOT! I can slip into these and check out something new and maybe trot them around FREESTYLE later.  Free skins are good!  But then I realize I had a masquerade ball to attend later in the week (last night to be exact) and message the VAIN group about where to get 18th century costume. And after sending me hither and yon with MANY a good suggestion – someone pipes up that Leezu has out a fun wig style as a freebie at her shop.

I search Leezu Baxter and end up at Courtisane, then realize THAT is wrong just search LEEZU and end up at her main store.

Ok, she’s got SEVERAL items out for free – including this nutty and FABULOUS gown!

I could not believe that in one night I bagged a bucket o’skins and a couple of gorgeous outfits from Leezu. WHAT FUN! Without spending a dime. I rarely freebie hunt unless I’m looking for something to share via Freestyle and I was kinda stoked to just stumble into such finds.

This is the Vivant “Newbie” skin in Blush tone. It reminds me of the lipstick I wore in the early 90s.

Style Notes

***No Review Items Worn In this Shoot***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – FLEUR – Vivant NEWBIE in Blush
  • Eyes – Poetic Color – Lilac Blossoms
  • Hair – Diversity Hair – Janis in Peroxide
  • Dress – Leezu – Freebie Satin Rose Dress
  • Earrings – Paper Couture – Pearl Simplicity

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