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EarthStones Hunt

I have found 13 out of 15 of the items at the EarthStones easter egg hunt, but have been defeated by two. I already IM’ed Abraxxa and shook my fist and hollered “damn you for hiding them so well.”  Of course, she knew I was kidding and laughed.  She assured me that one of the two I have not found was in plain sight, but you know, that’s always the way it is. I probably stood on it.

Now this hunt is a little different as not all items are free, some cost 10 or 50L, but that’s still a huge bargain. Among my finds were the lovely casuals sandals I am wearing. Of course, hunts get you looking around and finding things you cannot resist and one of those was in one of the rental shops outside her store – where I found this skirt that I matched up with the bodice from one of Kunglers Couture gowns. There’s a half dozen different colors and I was tempted to get all of them. The skirts are beautifully made and have a marvelous lacy cutwork texture.

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Mixing It Up

So I put on this adorable little wispy, puffy dress from Gigi Couture and thought that despite how adorable it was, I was in the mood for something different. I liked the colors though and decided to just mess around with trying some different skirts. One of the first I tried was skirt from ALB Dream Fashion in cerise. It comes with a white or cerise belt and I chose the cerise.

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