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I have loved the stars too dearly

I've Loved the Stars Too Fondly

Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

Most of us have an atavistic fear of the dark. It makes sense, many animals hunt at night. While we may hunt by day, at night we are the prey. I have always loved the dark, though. During the day, the lake I grew up on would be busy with people fishing and waterskiing. I have had more than one daytime close call with a speed boat driven by reckless people who never think to look for swimmers. I loved to swim in lake at night when the boats were silenced and sleeping, put to bed for fear of being run aground in the narrow lanes between the islands. While there might be a few hundred people on the lake during the day, at night I was often the only one. Of course, it was never quiet. There were the frogs, crickets, owls, timber wolves and best of all, the loons, all competing for lead vocals in the nightly concert.

We were in the country so the moon and stars reflected and refracted in the waves. I would swim toward the ribbon of moonlight even knowing I could never catch it. I suppose it was my own brand of recklessness, swimming alone for hours among the stars, but it was magical, too. Sometimes I pulled out my canoe and paddled so i was lined up with the moon’s reflection and then jumped in, diving down to the touch the bottom of the lake which never got much deeper than forty feet. I liked the deep water where the lake bottom was made of marl rather than muck or clay. Something about swimming in utter blackness captivated me and I never felt afraid.

I've Loved the Stars Too Fondly

I miss living by the lake and going swimming. Lakes in Oregon are glacier fed and not really suitable for swimming. That has not stopped me, but in water that cold, you can’t laze about in the water and drift. You can’t lay back and let yourself sink into the inky water and pretend you are floating among the stars.

Of course, standing on Kalopsia’s broken floor is not exactly sinking into inky depths either, and I am standing, now swimming, but I am eagerly waiting for sun to set and for the evening chorus to begin. I am with cranes instead of loons and they are paper (from DDD for Collabor88), so they will be unaccountably quiet. If they could speak, however, they would rave about my adorable dress from ur.favorite.one (u.f.o.) that is at Collabor88 this month.
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Sunday Afternoons At the Velvet With George

Gidge has the perfect outfit for Sunday Afternoons at the Park with George and, someday, I am sure she will get around to blogging it. As for me, well my Sunday afternoons are usually spent at The Velvet where MDR business partner Maht spins a couple hours of great music mixes. This Sunday I wore this made-for-dancing Splatter r Dress  from Axel. I had stopped by Axel earlier on Sunday to admire their ambitious store remodel.  I was impressed with the beauty of the store and with the thoughtful arranging of outfits.  It was hard to limit my spending, but who can complain when the fruits are as adorable as this.

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Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall

When I looked in my clothing folder this morning I saw a lonely little jacket not in a folder, but sitting there all alone and loose. I recognized the name and realized it was one that I bought Humby Designs on my shopping spree. I just came without a folder and so I decided to make an outfit around it – the one you see above. It’s a great outfit. Still, gray plaid jacket and an autumn look is pretty predictable, isn’t it? So…for fun…I decided to take that simple jacket and style one outfit for each season.

All photos are shot at MDR’s Photo Park which is open to the public. Click on through if you want to see more details on the outfits. And – if any bloggers out there want to take a shot at making an All-Seasons Item post, I would love to see it.

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Ooh, Spiders

Abraxxa Anatine has gone Halloween crazy. It was not that long ago she released the Desmodus jewelry in all their batwing glory, and now she has released Eww! Spiders! This is a delicate and intricate jewelry set, nearly as delicate as the web weavers that inspired it.

So, I have to quibble about the name. It should be Oooh! Spiders! because spiders are such lovely, handy little beasties.  They eat mosquitoes, no-see-ems, wood ticks and horse flies, what more can you ask of any creature?  And yet, they do more. They spin beautiful webs of intricate lace that inspire our art and imagination. Continue reading

V-A-M-P Vamp

Rockberry’s freebie Halloween dress, the Vamp Dress, doesn’t really have to be limited to Halloween. It has lovely design details like the belted corset which I would have loved to have on a separate layer. Of course, the batwing scalloping on the bodice is  a bit witchy, but witchiness like vampishness are year round qualities.

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The Great Pumpkin

You know what I said about being ware of Holiday-specific clothing that you cannot wear any other time of year?  Well, rules are meant to be broken, especially when ithe entire outfit is only 75L, made by Miffy, one of my earliest friends in Second Life and to top it all off, it’s crazy as in crazy cute. Continue reading

Treasure Hunting #5

The Treasure Hunt at Baiastice is still going on – I just signed on for a moment to check, so I thought i would do one more post featuring another extraordinary treasure find as well as another luscious pair of shoes from the Shoe Expo yesterday. After the treasure hunt, the shoe expo and the lingerie and beachwear expo all on the same weekend, my inventory is in a sad state. When I signed off last night, my inventory was leaning over the bar at Flashman’s sobbing into a whisky, a sad, broken thing, despairing of ever becoming the lean and lithe inventory it once was and threatening lag reprisals if it didn’t get some respect. 

However, this blog is not about the dysfunctional relationship I have with my inventory, but the lovely clothing I can drag out of it. Certainly, Treasure Hunt item #5, the lil Grey Dress from Baiastice is one of the loveliest of the treasure hunt finds. A floaty gauzy multi-tiered skirt prim gives it such swaying movement and an airy gentleness that it’s delightfully feminine. The bodice detail is amazing, with delicate black Chantilly lace along the neckline and inset between the bodice and the skirt. You can see more photos on my Flickr.

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