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This gorgeous body suit from Baiastice is called Macrame. When you say macrame to me, that’s not what comes to mind.  To be honest, every time I see the word macrame, I think of this Portland restaurant called the Daily Planet – a burger and fries kind of restaurant/pub – that has these huge macrame plant and light fixture things hanging from the ceiling all made of jute. Now, imagine how years of fry-cooking grease-laden air will affect that jute rope they are made of and what it may look like if seldom cleaned and you will get an idea why I only went there once and why the word macrame is terribly unappealing. So, with my anti-macrame bias solidly on high alert, I tried on this outfit and was surprised by how lovely it is – and seriously, that’s lovely gorgeous beautiful lace – not macrame. And did I have fun mixing it up with some skirts.

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Watercolors & Honeydews

One of the most adventurous designers in Second Life™ is AnaLee Balut of ALB Dream Fashion. Not only does she play with wild colors and prints, but she also experiments with the form of SL clothing – from making heavy sculptie coats and robes, to long flowing Empire waist dresses and everywhere in between. Her Lotta series of dresses are breathtakingly beautiful – each and every one. This is the honeydew print – that has the desaturated subtlety of a watercolor. There’s also an orange and a blue dress – and they are equally stunning.

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Really Really Red

I wandered over to Baiastice because I wanted to see the new build. It is lovely and I really like that the new items are so easy to see, but the red is this dress is so red and so vibrant that the first, last and only thing you see when you walk into the store is the dress. It’s got built-in eye magnets.

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I ♥ Tintable

I thought about calling this “Peach Me, I’m Dreaming” but realized that would be a new low in word play and demurred. Instead, I thought I might focus on how wonderful it is to have tintable clothing items that enable mixing and matching with a broader number of choices.  Now, when I saw the Morcade dress at French Touch last week, I fell in love. It’s just beautifully made and for 1L, it’s the steal of the grid.  Gidge blogged it at FreeStyle along with a host of 1L dresses from there. Soon after we were at the fishing hole on Zion and there was a gorgeous woman wearing that dress which lead to a three way conversation about way to wear the top without the skirt. She put on a grey wool pair of pants and looked luscious.

I went back to the photo studio and tried a bunch of skirts and they all looked good, but the look that melted my butter was this one – with the ALB Dream Fashion Dior dress. I just tinted it a bit to get it peachy instead of creamy and yum!!!

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Big Bad Blogger Challenge #2

Alice Chenaux now asks us to describe the perfect day in SL. That’s so hard because different days I want different things from SL, but a day filled with my favorite things would include shooting an outfit or two for the blog, chatting  or styling or shooting with Gidge or going with her to a party and some time chatting with Maht and listening to him play some music. Add a little exploring of a new sim and you have a perfect day and a fairly common Sunday.

As to the dress, this is from DYN – another shop on My Little List – and  I love the explosion of color at the hem.

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Dreams of Dior

Annalee Balut of ALB Dream Fashion knows nearly every fashionista dreams of wearing a Dior gown or two or three and so has made stunning reproductions of some of Dior’s marvelous spring 2009 couture collection where Dior indulged in the purest romaniticism possible, creating dresses for a modern Trianon. In real life, fashion design is a symbiosis of current and historical trends with imagination and creativity. SL designers are also influenced by RL design and sometimes reproduce or reinterpret particularly iconic RL designs.  You can see recreations of stunning wedding gowns and red carpert Oscar gowns around the grid. Some find this controversial, but I feel that so long as designers openly name their inspiration so said RL designer could easily discover the homage/reproduction and don’t try to hide anything, that it more a tribute to the RL designer than anything else.

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In Bloom

Every once in a while someone makes a dress that makes everyone stop and take a breath and sigh. The newest dress from Mimikri is that kind of dress. There is a black version that is all black – which makes it a very different dress – and equally striking, but the sheer springlike femininity of the pink, blue and yellow versions of this dress is unrivaled. The skirt is a riot of flowers with a ruched satin bodice and it’s absolutely luscious.

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Mixing It Up

So I put on this adorable little wispy, puffy dress from Gigi Couture and thought that despite how adorable it was, I was in the mood for something different. I liked the colors though and decided to just mess around with trying some different skirts. One of the first I tried was skirt from ALB Dream Fashion in cerise. It comes with a white or cerise belt and I chose the cerise.

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This is not a mellow yellow

No, this is more Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. Lektra, one of the new releases at Modern Gypsy, is a bright bold brilliant lemony dress with a fabulously made short jacket that goes with it. Also included in the set are the amber earrings and belt.  There are several color options available, but when I saw this screaming yellow, I jumped.

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New skin from Gala Phoenix: Sari with freckles

Sometimes the beauty of a dress is so self-evident that any attempt to describe it merely detracts from your pleasure in seeing the designer’s marriage of art and design and her balancing of the challenges of phantom flexi-prims with the demands of fashion.  The Kungler Couture Passion of the Black Swan dress by AvaGardner Kungler is exactly that sort of dress.  This is a dress that can take your breath away, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

The fires of passion frame your face with feathers.

A panache of fire and black plumes frame your face together with the silver needles and thread of the old song, The Black Swan by Giancarlo Menotti.

Black Swan

The sun is falling and it lies in blood
The moon is weaving bandages of gold
Old black swan where oh where is my lover now
Where oh where is my lover now
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