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Post Apocalyptica – Naeko Part 2

posted by Gidge Uriza

I went away from Neko and into a different RP after I bought these goggles at Naeko. Here you see me smoking my last good French cigarette, and pondering how to maintain my fashionista lifestyle – THE DAY AFTER.

The cigarette and the goggles were fighting for an attachment point, so I had to flip them about a bit until I made them both work. Took a while. I’m teary eyed because I had to blow up all the dramaz-qeenz with my Corrupted Cannon – another gift from Naeko during the hunt. Continue reading

Mixing It Up

So I put on this adorable little wispy, puffy dress from Gigi Couture and thought that despite how adorable it was, I was in the mood for something different. I liked the colors though and decided to just mess around with trying some different skirts. One of the first I tried was skirt from ALB Dream Fashion in cerise. It comes with a white or cerise belt and I chose the cerise.

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Don't Fence Me In

I would rewrite that old, old song to say “Give me layers, lots of layers, and the ability to mod, don’t fence me in.” Take for example, this gorgeous cardigan. The wonderful Fair Isle knit and the lovely button details make me love it, but it’s a grumpy sort of love because it’s no mod. However, I did work around that and managed to make it fit me after all, but only after getting frustrated enough to close up Second Life and go chop up soup fixings into teeny tiny pieces.

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Autumn Sundress – Oxymoron?

posted by Gidge Uriza

It’s one last post before I go under the knife tomorrow. That’s right……Gidge is having surgery. I’ve been so sick for several weeks and finally they’ve decided that it’s surgery for me.  Since I’m not one those people who divides their SL and their RL much – I’m Gidge in both worlds…..I thought I’d tell all my favorite fashionistas what has been going on. If you want to catch up with RL Gidge……you can get the scooby-doo here.

Since I’m kinda bummed out, I wanted to post something fun, something that truly made me smile when I saw it and this dress definitely qualifies.

I had never once shopped at Gigi Couture so I have no clue why I got a notice – unless I FORGOT I shopped there and joined their subscribo – I’m a subscribo junkie and join everyone’s 🙂 . Continue reading