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Belted In

by Cajsa Lilliehook

I have been itching to post about these luscious pants from LeeZu Baxter for awhile now. I like babydoll dresses and think they are cute, but nothing seems more feminine to me that clothing that accentuates the waist. I am sure my love of vintage styles is as much for the way they define and flatter the figure as for the rich and luscious fabrics of the past. Most pants are designed to emphasize bootie, but these pants give the waist some love. 

With all the different colored belts, I could choose any blouse, but went for the faded rose color – a color that flatters nearly every complexion. The blouse is sheer and sexy and I might wear it alone for some occasions, but for wandering and exploring the grid – out and about among strangers, I took the safe route and wore a lacy bra underneath. My partner Maht had one comment, “Digital prude!!!”  I should have told him that I was wearing PornStar Hi-Tops. : )

More photos are on my flickr. Additional photo with shoes and style notes after the jump. Continue reading