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Taunting Carnies

posted by Gidge Uriza

What’s that? If I let you WHAT I can have a free ride on the Paratrooper?

The Carnie Cootch Ballerina set from Sn@tch brought back fond memories of small midwestern towns, their county fairs – and carnies who always offered us free rides in exchange for letting them molest us.

Well you know, they made offers that had a lot of explicit words and acts in them. However, the law puts a different label on most of them. And they always SEEMED like a high price to PAY just for a ride on the Tilt A Whirl. Continue reading

Dear Dancien – Happy Birthday

posted by Gidge Uriza

So the lip rings I’m sporting in the pic above were a hunt gift from 42 that I somehow failed to get into the last post. That being said, I figured I would give you a gander since I don’t WEAR facial piercings usually. I’m too delicate lol.

The VIP Hunt Gift from 42 sent me to their store to patronize them further, where I promptly lost my effin mind. Everything in the store is 42 lindens. How did I miss this?

I won’t say I bought everything……..

But I did pick up most of my ensemble for Dancien Graves B-day party there! Including this nutty skin which is just extraordinary and called Galaxies Nebula. I was in a very purple mood the past few days can you tell? Continue reading

The Greatest Spectacle In Motor Racing Fashion

posted by Gidge Uriza

First and foremost, when dressing for the Indy 500, you gotta consider your feet. It’s gonna be a hell of a walk to your car, even if you have a sweet party house nearby that you call base camp, it’s still a mile or more in urban landscape. So sneaks are in order. The Urban Bomb Unit’s DRUNKS are only my second purchase from that shop but still, those two pair of shoes remain among my favorites. Scripted like mad with color change options on EVERY PART of the shoe, you can truly make an unimaginable range of sneaks out of this one pair of shoes. Plus they are size scripted, so no messy modding going on – truly appreciated. Continue reading

Nordic Girls Need Love Too!

posted by Gidge Uriza

You’re being subjected to more of my vacation mind from when I put these clothes together.  I attended the grand reopening of Myth and was tickled to see this set – so I had to go back a few days later to pick it up. I knew it’d be perfect for some beach strolling or sand castle building. Continue reading

Comfort Wear

I love Urban Bomb Unit’s PornStar Xtra HiTops. You can customize them to be dirty or shiny new, they can be up or folded down, you can change the fabric and the colors of the individual pieces including the laces and grommets. So, instead of one pair or two pair, with all the options, you really have eleventy-million pairs of shoes. And not just shoes, fun shoes that make you happy, that put a spring in your step and make you wanna dance

Continue reading

Belted In

by Cajsa Lilliehook

I have been itching to post about these luscious pants from LeeZu Baxter for awhile now. I like babydoll dresses and think they are cute, but nothing seems more feminine to me that clothing that accentuates the waist. I am sure my love of vintage styles is as much for the way they define and flatter the figure as for the rich and luscious fabrics of the past. Most pants are designed to emphasize bootie, but these pants give the waist some love. 

With all the different colored belts, I could choose any blouse, but went for the faded rose color – a color that flatters nearly every complexion. The blouse is sheer and sexy and I might wear it alone for some occasions, but for wandering and exploring the grid – out and about among strangers, I took the safe route and wore a lacy bra underneath. My partner Maht had one comment, “Digital prude!!!”  I should have told him that I was wearing PornStar Hi-Tops. : )

More photos are on my flickr. Additional photo with shoes and style notes after the jump. Continue reading