Curio-usly Mismatched

A short post while I work away on my blog project that I hope to finish tonight – I am halfway there. It takes some running around in-world, so I dressed for urban trekking in this fun jacket from LBD. The colors demanded an equally vibrant makeup, so I wore Curio’s Mismatch. There is a close up after the cut.

With the outfit, I wore Bishwear’s Patsy hair which seemed a little more brown than their regular auburn – perhaps it was the lighting. I tinted it with some red and then using the select texture option, tinted the beads to coordinate with the outfit and the Fresh Baked Goods Jelly Tots jewelry. The bright fuchsia shoes from Maitrey add some pop. A belt and purse from Armidi completed the outfit. I don’t often carry a purse, but urban trekking requires supplies. I got a little over-enthusiastic shooting pics, so there are several more on Flickr.

Again you can see the amazing quality of Gala’s skins in extreme close-up. These photos are not retouched or processed beyond cropping, so what you see is what you get, and it’s extraordinary.


  • Shape: meilli2 by hatchy mills
  • Skin: Curio GP Classic Mismatch
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Hair: Bishwear Patsy Auburn (tinted/tinted the beads)
  • Nails: Love Magic Glossy Pack Pink
  • Top: Celestial Studios Trixiie Cami Tucked Bubblevicious
  • Pants: Armidi Kogo Skinny Pants – Egg Plant (grey tint on pant prims)
  • Jacket: LBD La Pequeña Chaqueta Pink/Teal
  • Shoes: Maitreya Fresh Fuchsia
  • Jewelery: Fresh Baked Goods Bright Jelly Tots Silver
  • Belt: Armidi Au Di Belt Orchid
  • Handbag: Armidi Porta Corsico

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