Black is Black

ooooh, the new Gothic skin from Tuli is darling.It combines the delicacy of the Elizabeth features with a luminous porcelain skin. When you add the Vamp makeup with its kohl-lined eyes and the carmine lips and you have a face that would make Clara Bow happy.  In honor of it’s gothic perfection, I even gave myself a quick color rinse and have black hair for the night.

There are perhaps a dozen designers whose styles are so distinct that you never need to ask or inspect when you see someone wearing their clothes. No, I won’t name them because certainly I would miss someone whose work I admire and recognize instantly just because that’s the nature of lists. Besides, I pulled the number out of thin air and it could be two dozen for all I know. Also, my list may be different than yours. However, I have an idea this designer will be on a majority of lists. So, to make you work for it, I will show you her stunning dress from the back where you can still see the characteristically  feminine cut of the dress, the sheen of the fabric and the richness of fine details such as the thin band of red at the top of the waist.

Here you are probably even better able to recognize her style as this is a designer who seldom sends out a dress in only one length and specializes in ensuring maximum flexibility with her outfits – providing value through versatility by including 2 to 3 skirt layers and even pants options. In this particular outfit there are three dress lengths plus a flare leg catsuit option.

Here you can see another marker of her design style, simplicity of style. It’s not that she doesn’t do intricate and complex dresses with all sorts of adornment, it’s that she makes it look uncluttered. She might throw the kitchen sink into an outfit, but then she goes back and clears out anything that doesn’t add to the impact.

HEre you can see how rich and effective her textures are. The black is not a simple black satin. It’s a rich brocade and amazingly intricate and stunningly simple at the same moment. HEre again you can see the simple touch of red at the waist and neck elevates this from a simple black dress to something chic and special. There are no bows, no lace, nothing but the simplest red edging and it’s stunning.

So, perhaps you have guessed this is from Designing Nicky Ree? It’s called Barbara, but I call it beautiful for the entire year, but perfect for Halloween when a little sexy sinister elegance is called for.

The shoes are Digital Dragon Designs Black Widow platforms. Yes, again! but it’s so perfect for the dress I had to use them. And are the better shoes for HAlloween?

Here you can see the necklace – EarthStones Eww Spiders. Yes, the third time in as many days, but again a perfect for Halloween necklace and earrings that are also beautifully elegant.

This photo shows off the delicacy of the Eww Spiders Earrings. The set also comes with a belly ring (not worn) and a ring.

Okay, now I am just showing off. lol, I am so in love with this skin. It is aglow and I don’t use Glow. 8) By the way, in this shot, you can get a good look at the free lashes from CyberNetic that I wear 85% of the time.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Skin: Tuli Elizabeth Gothic Vamp
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Hair: Bishwear Toss Me Around
  • Gown: Designing Nicky Ree Barbara in Black
  • Shoes: DDD Red Black Widow Platform
  • Jewelry: EarthStones Eww Spiders

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