Still hunting for Ghosts

In order to save my skin, literally (see comments on Day of the Dead) I thought I might add a quickie post that features a freebie skin from the ghost hunt. Yes, more ghost hunt goodies here including hair, jewelry, skin and a photo prop that cracks me up.

Dont Do This At Home!!!

Don't Do This At Home!!!

Here you can see my shoes from DDD and the prop. One of the ghosts in the grid wide hunt has a spider – a “Friday Night Monster-Horror Motion Picture Show” spider.  To be fair, that last bit will only be recognizable to folks from North Dakota and Northern MN who remember Dewey Berquist hosting the Friday night, etc. If you ever watched you would remember. There’s a coffin, it slowly creaks open and out comes an immaculately suave vampire who is the picture of Dracula until he says “This is Ole Olson and welcome to the Friday Night Monster Horror Movie Picture Show and another spoooky moooovie.” in a thick Scandinavian you-betcha accent.

Jewelry and hair also found on the ghost hunt, thanks to Ephemeral Creations and Audacity.

The dress is from Freda’s and has crotchless glitch pants. Here’s something I wish. I wish designers would provide an option for those of us who don’t want to go crotchless.  Just because.

Now, for Halloween, I love all the spidery goodness. I love it even though, dang it, I got bit by a spider on Friday. I stopped by the management office to pick up a package and there was a spider. They were going to stomp it, but it was not poisonous so I offered to put it outside (I like spiders) and using a couple post-its, I managed to get it outside where it promptly jumped on my shoulder and ran down my blouse and bit me. The ingrate!

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Skin: Loser Skin Haunted Girl (Ghost Hunt)
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Nails: Dlicious Skins – Midnight
  • Hair: Audacity Lisa Marie Black (Ghost Hunt)
  • Outfit: Freda’s Fashions Spider Dress Halloween
  • Panties: any black ones will do
  • Shoes: DDD Black Widow Platform
  • Jewelry: Ephemeral Creations Barbed Heart (Ghost Hunt)

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  1. elka

    LULZ you! I bet you refer to moi… 😛 Well, have no moaaar fearrrr, Annyka and I spoke, I will be muerte-style pretty as soon as she arrives home <3

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