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One Step Closer

One Step Closer

I am a little late to the party of celebrating the Fashion For Life Event but my ardor is no less because this is truly one of my favorite things to support in both lives.  Everyone’s life has been touched by cancer, some more than others and for all of us it’s a journey.

I thought since lots of people have shared I would tell you the story of my Uncle George, who cancer took away.

He was a confirmed old bachelor (nudge nudge wink wink) who lived his life pretty full as a young man. He went to Cuba to gamble, he worked at 20th Century Fox as a hair dresser during World War 2. When I was very little he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and told to say his farewells. Continue reading

Moody Mondays? Well, A Bit…

Today is Moody Monday and there is lots out for sale from some of your favorite stores. I’m wearing the beautiful skirset from Vanitas Vesture and lets just say it, Sarah The Red can make some skirts. They are always a must have. Continue reading

Hair Fair Ponies and Braids

Ponies and Braids

Ponies, pigtails and braids, oh my! Hair Fair is rich in tails and braids and there are some really great choices. A few let you customize them with color-change huds or scripts to alter the color of the pony fastener or the streaks in your hair. There are full-size pictures in the Flickr slideshow here. I shot these styles in a gorgeous dress from Vanitas Vesture that has such a great skirt, I decided to make a little video to show you how it moves in the newly released Model XXX AO from Behavior Body.
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Moody Monday Starts NOW!

Lazy Day From ELY MODE

I grabbed a few MOODY MONDAY GOODIES from my inventory show you super super fast! Moody Monday is the NEW SALE DAY where everything is 55L and there is an amazing assortment this week! Above – a cute casual lounging set from Ely Mode. I love her textures, they look cuddly to me. Continue reading


Ohaiiii!! So.. outta allllll the bloggers in SL I was chosen to help spread the word for this amazing event called GLANCE|Front Row that is a grid-wide event with 50 designers that are raising L$ for Relay For Life.. and 100% of the proceeds go to RFL.. You can read more about it here GLANCE|Front Row.. BUT! I just want to say I am honored to be a part of this and hope you enjoy the posts to come annnnndd yea.. def take a few mins to check out everything… NOW!!! Onto the goooooods!! <33333333333333 Ps… These are all UNRELEASED!! They will be available starting April 1st at 12PM SLT to April 30th at 12 PM SLT!!!!

I honestly cant stress how much I LOVE this dress.. I have it in blue and pink.. and ommmggg Im never taking it off!! hahah Vanitas Vesture did and amazzzzing job on this and the jewelry is from Ear Candy… Booottthh will be up for sale on the 1st!! Eeeeeeeeeee! Love! <3333

JANE… oh JANE how I ALWAYS Continue reading

Charity Never Looked So Good


The Second Life® community never stands still and it never stands by either. There’s always someone with the energy and courage to step up and do something when something needs to be done. So, now we have more than one charitable event going on at the same time. What to do? Why, shop of course. And why not put together an outfit highlighting items from both events just for fun. That’s what I have done here with items from Vanitas Vesture and Kouse’s Sanctum for Fashion For Life and from Peqe for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser.


Now, while you are admiring the front view of this gorgeous jacket and texturing details in the skirt and top, I want to take a moment to remind you that the donations are from the creators. If you are getting clothing at the market value at a charitable event, you are not donating, you are shopping. I just think it’s useful to remind ourselves of that when we get ideas about how events should do this or that differently. The donation is coming from the participants who have the energy, talent and courage to put themselves out there on behalf of charities. The rest of us, including me, can support their donations by buying stuff, but we are getting our money’s worth.

Since CNN pulled one sentence out of the paragraph above, some people who did not read the post have gotten the impression that I think our participation in charity events does not count.  As you can see from what is bolded, that is not true. However,  the key ingredient to conflict is isolating an opinion from context to make it more polarizing, which is what happened, unintentionally as it probably is.  No fundraising event can happen without the synergy between the people who contribute items to sell and those who buy. Much of the shopping is motivated by the desire to support the effort and to raise funds and people often buy more than they planned.  I know I sure do.

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The Disco Deals Are SOOO WIZARD This Month

You can get nearly every thing I am wearing right now at DISCO DEALS for ridiculous cheap, including this AWESOMESAUCE skin from TULI.
Yeah I said TULI.
99L and zomg. Drool.
I’m so literate today.

If you are a fancy girl like me, one of the unsung joys of Disco Deals this month, in addition to all the great deals on awesome stuffs, is that Ibizarre (maker of the gorgeous little black dress above WHICH YOU NEED) has out a palette of free nail polish.

Which you also need. Continue reading

Ellie Cornelli

I love the name of the new blouse from Vanitas Vesture. It sounds like the name of some heroine in a children’s story who does daft things that turn out well. It also sounds like the name of that horror movie actress, but let me assure you, this shirt has nothing of horror about it. It’s made on all layers and sheer, though wearing two layers (as I am) gives you the opacity you want for public events. I am wearing it with the fabulous Anoorea skirt from MichaMi, a lovely high-waisted system skirt.

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Dress Me In Latin

When SarahtheRed Aubierre asked if any bloggers were interested in promotional copies of her newest dress I jumped at the chance. With typical laziness I have had her shop on my list but have not made it there yet. I expected to like it because the name was so smart – Vanitas Vesture. The use of the latin made me think she would be making clothes with classic shapes – and sure enough that’s exactly what this dress is.

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