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Christmas Shopping

Running around the grid today looking for some Christmas gifts, I wanted to be sure both comfortably and seasonally dressed. I confess it was a bit nippy and some boots and a jacket would have been wiser, but then it gets so hot inside the store.

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Quick Look -Across The Universe

Posted by Gidge Uriza

I had to share the latest release from Foxy Moron before I ran off to do the real life shuffle. Decked out in nebula colors – IRIS in Sunset from Foxy Moron reminded me of both flight and an elegant ball. I added the rather disheveled Wish 2 hair from Cake – and told Cajsa I was fleeing my date. 🙂 Continue reading

Who's The Foxy Moron NOW?????

Im With Stupid

I'm With Stupid

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Delilah loves to go to the reggae bars. She’s hunting that perfect rastafarian to help her find peace with the universe I think. I wanted to go out with her one night, I brought her to SL but like so many people you bring in world……she wandered off into her OWN new world and we don’t hang much. I wasn’t sure what to WEAR to a reggae bar. I mean, I haven’t been to one in world before.

I decided something colorful was in order and I hadn’t worn this pretty set from Foxy Moron yet. Continue reading

Why Yes,Billy, I WILL Go To The Dance With You!

posted by Gidge Uriza

The only thing better than Cajsa finding a fun new designer is Cajsa finding a fun new designer and me getting new clothes outta the deal.  I was stamping my strep throat infected little feet when I saw the UBER cute numbers she had picked up from FOXY MORON so you can IMAGINE my total shrieking girly delight when I got review pieces from them. Continue reading

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

There’s a new designer on the block. She doesn’t have a big stock with lots of outfits yet, but what she has is delightful and original. I am hoping she develops a good following, is super successful and keeps on making wonderful clothes like these. One of the rewards of blogging fashions is discovering some new and exciting designer that just makes you flip, especially when she tracks you down and gives you samples of her work to review which is exactly what Kimmie Mosten of the new Foxy Moron store at Juicy Del Mar did.

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